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Donations are the primary way that the Galaxypedia is funded. Every donation goes into supporting the infrastructure (upgrading the servers) and expanding as the community grows.

Donating helps ensure the future of the Galaxypedia and helps support our efforts of keeping the Galaxypedia Advertisement Free


  • All donations will go right back into the Galaxypedia and upgrading infrastructure
  • You will not get anything in-game by donating as to not break ROBLOX ToS
  • Refunds are allowed as long as your donation was made before the first of the next month. For example if you donate on December 25th, you're eligible for a refund until it hits January 1st since the server gets paid on the first of every month. However you can always shoot me a DM about it!
  • Yes, this was permitted by Rocket. No, this is not another Confinium p2w system. This is just an opportunity to help me pay for my server and to fund the innovation behind the Galaxypedia.
  • DM me on discord if you have any questions or concerns
  • If you want to donate without using paypal please DM me on discord! We might be able to work things out

Please let me know on Discord when donating so I can give you the benefits associated (Donator role in the Galaxy Discord Server & Galaxypedia Discord Server)! Discord: sugondese#5733


  • PayPal (Preferred):
  • Crypto
    • Bitcoin: bc1qwd550xt0tdw62qyn8nxnfwd8tmu4z48xxdg3zf
    • Ethereum: 0xFC122071bC24De0A158d20DdC4C76770C33ffF0f

Any personal info (really just your paypal account's name) from Donations will be kept confidential and will not be shown anywhere or to anybody apart from smallketchup82.