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Music in Galaxy is one of the highlights of the game. This page lists the current songs in the Galaxy Soundtrack.


Music in Galaxy is usually played randomly, however the music is split up into 3 categories. Peaceful, Combat, and Other. The game alternates between these 3 soundtracks depending on your situation. The Peaceful Soundtrack plays when you are not in combat (e.g. mining). The Combat Soundtrack plays when you are in combat (e.g. getting attacked by other players). The Other Soundtrack is usually played during certain events or in other situations, this category is very versatile and has a wide variety of applications.

When Roblox implemented a privacy system into the audio catalog for the platform, a lot of songs used for Galaxy were privated and unable to be used in the game. The Development team prepared for the update beforehand and decided to have rcouret reupload all of the Galaxy Songs under his account so that they could be used in Galaxy. While it did work, and it saved a lot of songs from being unusable in Galaxy, it means that most, if not all, of the links to the audio's roblox page will be unplayable. You will probably have to use the reuploads found on the Galaxypedia instead.

Peaceful Music

Title Artist File
1 Vesteng
2 Vesteng
4 Vesteng
A Musical Exursion Aurora
A New Day
Alpha Xentheta
Absconditus ZhayTee
Ambient 1
Ambient 2
Ambient 3
Beyond Voyage
Boundless Energy DTF
Bright Future DTF
Bringing Lydian Xecular
Calming Breeze DTF
Celebration Of Victory DTF
Collapse GasBomb
Cosmic Haze SaucE
Cosmic Machine DTF
Cosmic Travel DTF
Dawn in the Valley DTF
Determination DTF
Determined Traveller DTF
Dimensions - Main Theme DTF
Distant Memories DTF
Distortion Wave DTF
Downfall GasBomb
Dragonfly Dream
Drifting Through Space DTF
Duco Ergo S ZhayTee
Emil Rottmayer W.A.V.E
Entering Orbit DTF
Everlasting Space Rain
Fantastic Worlds
Far From Home Under 2
Field Of Lights
Floating Vesteng
Foggy Forest
Foggy Streets
Galaxy Peace Akinoyo?
Glorious Space Xentheta
Having Fun
Resonance HOME
Twisted Light HOME
Dream Head HOME
We're Finally Landing HOME
House Of Ghosts
Hyper Voyage
Hyperdrive Xentheta
Incoming Vesteng
Insomnia Dreams
Jupiter Xentheta
Frost Waltz Kevin MacLeod
Frozen Star Kevin MacLeod
Original Music - Thought LawnReality
Leaving Our Galaxy
Living In Space
Lonely Space 3 Jonas Elander
Luna, Please Fill My Empty Sky
Moonlight Ocula
Moonlight Gasbomb
Nearly Human
Neptune GasBomb
On Duty Vesteng
Open Seas And Skies
Ophelia - Mastroy Mastroy
Original Music - Conscious Clockwork
Original Music - Drifting Galaxies
Pacific Steep - Scrapduck Scrapduck
Peace Of Mind
Reactive Percussion Section
Rise Up Xentheta
Roblox Galaxy Ambient Xentheta
Rupture GasBomb & Xentheta
Secret Little World
Sleeping Soundly
Space Ambient Fantasy 14 The Cosmos
Starphoria Mouse_PotatOwO
Star Tiger Aniumla RBX
Billions and Billions Stellardrone
Breathe In The Light Stellardrone
Sundari Theme
Kabrius Syrsa
Platforms Syrsa
OST Zerzek Syrsa
The Awakening Dynamic
The Hall
The Skies Of The Future
Travelling Entity
Tyg Thy God is Grace Syrsa
Undersea Life
Vexology Xentheta
Waking Up
Watching Life Go By
Wavelight Xentheta
Wavelight 2 Xentheta
Wessam Lauf Pulsatio
We've Come So Far Aurora
Whitesand Martynas The Dark Sorcere
Youth 83 Euphoria
Starburst Cuckel
Glass Sky Cuckel

mooCombat Music

6 Final Mission
Apotheosis - AnimulaRBX
Battlecruiser - Syrsa
Bejsirf - Syrsa
Conquer - Shane Ivers
Daunter - Syrsa
Dogfight - Vesteng
End Of The Line
Faced Against Titans
Galaxy on Fire 2 Supernova The Ambush- Alexander
Guardians - Extended Version
Halo 3 ODST
Heart like A Dragon
Liberalitas - ZhayTee
Memory Leak
OgmDrama Choir
OgmDrama Orchestra
OgmDrama Percussion
OgmDrama Remix
Outer Rim
Portal Stories Mel Firestorm
PTK - Animula RBX
Ryka - Syrsa
Rostyrda Thilian - Syrsa
Simple Sight - Final Version
Slavsirf - Syrsa
Slicey Dead Silence Dubstep Remix
Smertnik - Syrsa
Stop in the Name of Sey - Syrsa
Titan Striker
TUKI - Space (non-copyrighted)
Utopia - GASB0MB

Other Music

Waking Up (Oblivion)
Dark Cemetery Full
Alien Embassy
Weapons And Firearms
O' Christmas Tree Instrumental
Ship Refund
Capital Ship Docking
Sleeping Pods
Information Desk
Particle Fleet OST Credits
Particle Fleet OST Ship Travel
Kneall Base
Proactive Silence - GASBOMB (Intro)
New Galaxy - Aurora (Intro)
Space Exploration - Xentheta (Intro)
Dark Matter Lullaby - Xentheta (Intro)
Unholy Giants - VaderTahu101 (Kodiak Boss Battle)
Victory in Space - TheShinySamurott

Sound Effects

Railgun Shooting (No. 1)
Railgun Shooting (No. 2)
Light Laser
Medium Laser
Heavy Laser
Mining Sound - Xentheta
Alien Laser
Docking - Xentheta
Quest - TheShinySamurott
Leader Replacement - Xentheta
War Declared - Aurora
Cease Fire - Xentheta
Ship Death - Xentheta (Death/Reset Sound)
Alliance Formed - Xentheta
Alliance Terminated - TheShinySamurott
Endgame - DoxrColdYT
Notification - Xentheta
Sci-Fi Buzzer - Xentheta (Ship Owner Error)
Base Assimilation - Xentheta
Prototype X-1 Ambience
Prototype X-2 Ambience
Prototype X-2 Ambience 2
2019 Halloween Effect 1
2019 Halloween Effect 2
2019 Halloween Effect 3
Lucifer Ambience
2019 Halloween Effect 5
2019 Halloween Effect 6
2019 Halloween Effect 7
Final Countdown