Ships are the basis of the game. They are used for everything in the game, from transportation, mining and trading to war, combat, and assimilation. They are divided into classes based on their statistics and purpose.

All ships, except Fighter Class Ships are equipped with a device called "Warp Drive", allowing rapid and immediate acceleration across varying distances.

Each ship class have defining stats and limitations attached to them, these are Loyalty, Damage Resistance, Maximum amounts of a ship class per faction, and The Minimum Level of a Starbase/Planet before u can spawn a particular ship class.

Ship Class Stats and Limitations
Ship Class Loyalty Damage Resistance Minimum Starbase/Planet Level Maximum per Faction
Super-Capital 11% 65% 3 1
Carrier 9% 55% 2 1
Dreadnought 7% 50% 2 3
Battleship 5% 45% 1 5
Battlecruiser 3% 40% 1
Cruiser 0% 30% 1
Destroyer 0% 25% 1
Frigate 0% 20% 1
Miner 0% 0% 1
Freighter 0% 0% 1
Fighter 0% 0% 1
Admin 0% 90-95% 1

See Galaxy Slang for unofficial and official classification based on roles that Ships play, such as "Support", "Offense", "Defense", etc.


  • Ships that have their names highlighted in bold are VIP Ships. This means you can only obtain them if you own the VIP Gamepass.

Miner Class

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Miner-Class ships are solely used for mining Ores. These ships are unarmed and tend to be slow.

Miner-Class ships are used to collect and sell ore for credits. They are the only ships with an ore hold, which contains all mined Ores. These ores are then either sold, or refined and dumped in your Starbase, with the amount depending on Loyalty. See the page Mining for more information.

Miner-Class Ships have no damage reduction and can be spawned at any loyalty.

Offsale/Removed Ships

Freighter Class

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Freighter-Class ships are mainly used for transporting large amounts of materials to a Warehouse. They have massive cargo holds in comparison to other ships, but do not have any turrets. Some Freighters are also armed like the Constellation.

Most Freighter Class ships are very slow and vulnerable. The disproportionately large cargo holds in Freighter Class ships makes them extremely useful for looting and transporting Materials. This also makes them a big target for pirates trying to make some quick credits.

Freighter-Class Ships have no damage reduction and can be spawned at any loyalty.

Offsale/Removed Ships

Frigate Class

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Frigate-Class ships are the lowest priced combat capable ships available and thus are good starter ships.

Frigate-Class ships are small 30 - 60 studs large, extremely fast, and highly maneuverable. They mainly have very light weaponry, very low health, and most have only 2 Turrets or less. Most Frigate Class ships also come equipped with Spinal weaponry.

These ships are mostly used for Scouting bases, distracting base Turrets in a siege, or distracting NPC's.

Frigate-Class Ships can be spawned at the Mega Base.

Destroyer Class

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A step up from Frigate-Class ships, Destroyer-Class ships are bigger with a size range of 60 - 90 studs and have more firepower and while most are not nearly as fast as some Frigate-Class ships, they still achieve high speeds and have very good maneuverability.

Destroyer-Class ships still have rather low health, but most still have much more than Frigate-Class ships. Destroyers come equipped with either Spinal weaponry or up to 5 light Turrets, making them good ships for swarming.

Destroyer-Class Ships spawned at the Mega Base.


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The next step up from Destroyer-Class is the Cruiser-Class.

These ships tend to be very maneuverable and pack a decent amount of health. They are not as fast as Destroyer-Class ships but can still maneuver quite well. Cruisers tend to have light to medium weaponry, with a varying number of turrets and Spinal weaponry.

Most Cruisers make very good pirating ships and can be unstoppable in the hands of a good pilot. They are mostly cheap and max out around the price of the Sixfold, which costs 12k.

Offsale/Removed Ships


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Battlecruisers are medium-sized ships with a size range of 125 - 175 studs.

The maneuverability and speed of Battlecruisers are greatly lessened in comparison to the Cruiser-Class, but they are still rather quick. However, since most of these ships boast over twice as much health as Cruisers and several times more firepower, Battlecruisers are the go-to ships for many PvP battles. These ships have a powerful mix of Light-Medium Turrets and Spinal Weaponry.

Offsale/Removed Ships


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Battleships are a heavy class of ships often with a size range of 175-275 studs, and many ships often have optimizations for certain tasks, for example; The ships Hasatan, Warlock, and Archeon are for sieges.

These ships are designed with medium to heavy weaponry. They have a lot of health but are not very fast nor maneuverable when compared to ships of lower classes. Other roles that Battleships excel at include PvP, Sieging, Anti-siege, and AA.


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Dreadnoughts are very large ships that have a size range of range for Dreadnoughts is 275 - 400 studs. Though they are extremely slow and barely able to maneuver, the firepower these ships possess is colossal, with some able to take down a Battleship-Class ship in barely 30 seconds. Their health is monstrous; they can take a moderate amount of beating and still come out smiling.

Most Dreadnoughts, however, do not come with adequate Light Turret firepower, thus leaving them to be easily assaulted by small ships, as their heavy guns are not accurate enough to hit them.


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Carriers are the most strategic and team-based ships in Galaxy. Alone, they have decent firepower but can easily be beaten. However, these ships carry Fighters within them. These Fighters can be boarded and piloted by other players, or used by AI Fighters. When used with an entire team, Carriers and their Fighters are extremely valuable in battle. You are able to teleport to any Carrier on the map and on your team via the home base menu.

They are typically slightly slower and less maneuverable than Dreadnoughts, but are larger and have very similar health to Dreadnoughts.


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Fighters are a special type of ship class that only spawn in Carriers, Planets, and Starbases. They can be boarded both by players, and AI Fighters.

They possess no Warp Drive unlike other ship classes but they can inflict devastating damage if they are used together in a swarm.

Removed/Not Used

Super Capital-Class

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Incredibly powerful, Super Capitals are monstrous ships, often considered a force to be reckoned with in the hands of a skilled pilot.

Super Capital ships are monstrously powerful, having one of the most powerful weapons in-game and having extremely high durability thanks to the ship class's high HP pool and damage reduction.



Prototypes, a subgroup of Super-Capital ships, are Galaxy's largest and most powerful ships.

There are currently 2 Prototype-Class ships in Galaxy. Both have extremely limited availability.


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These ships are restricted only to Admins and can only be spawned by Admins or Modelers. Admin Class ships have a very high damage resistance of 90-95% and always have no weapons.

Removed Admin Ships

Special Classes

These classes of ships still use standard ship classes, but have factors that make them stand out from other ships. Click this to see special ship classes.

Limited Class

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Limited Ships are a special type of ships that are usually much more powerful, expensive and rare and are usually acquired from Quests in Events, but many Limited Ships are also able to be built, both in the Build Menu, and the Limited Build Menu.

Halloween Event 2016

Halloween Event 2017

Christmas Event 2017

Fourth of July Event 2018

Halloween Event 2018

Christmas Event 2018

Fourth of July Event 2019

Retro Ship Event 2019

Halloween Event 2019

Christmas Event 2019

April Fool's Event 2020

Fourth of July Event 2020

Retro Ship Event 2020

Halloween Event 2020

Black Friday Event 2020

Christmas Event 2020

Fourth of July 2021

Note: Most of the ships in this event were removed

Retro Ship Event 2021

Halloween Event 2021

Christmas Event 2021

Retro Ship Event 2022

April Fool's Event 2022

Kneall Event

Fourth of July 2022

Ultimate Retro Event 2022


Hidden Events

Yname Birthday Event


Advanced Class

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Advanced Ships are an official subclass of ships in Galaxy. They are set apart from regular ships due to their above-average stats, cost, and the fact that they are purchased solely with credits and special parts through specific quests.

For more info about acquiring them, visit Advanced Ship Computers.


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The AI Class encompasses various ships that can spawn naturally or via quest while playing Galaxy. These ships are unique in that they cannot be obtained or controlled by players though everyday gameplay.

More information can be found in the page AI, and the pages U.N.E, Pirates and Aliens. While event AI Ships can be found in their respective event pages.