Alpha ship when

Discord link doesn’t work for me for some reason so my last resort is begging on the Galaxy forums.
I have the alpha badge but nobody to give the ship it to me, would anyone be a dear and help me out?

( Putting this in uncategorized since I dunno where else to put this )


hi can you send your roblox username

@Doglele Please send me your Roblox username and ensure your Roblox account Inventory privacy is set to everyone, so I can verify you’re an alpha player by looking through your badges just in case for any reason your logs could be truncated in-game.
As checking logs is first thing I do. :slight_smile:

Yesssir, My user name is the same on here, Doglele

Thank ya’ very much my friend

All done. You have Alpha Ship now. :slight_smile: