Introuction of Groups to the Galaxy Forums!

I have added groups for the Galaxy Forums. What does this mean?

Well you know how some people have text next to their posts? Thats the work of groups on our forums. And now I have made some public groups for you guys to join!

First off we have the unobtainable groups, which require you to be added either from the group’s owner or from a moderator/admin (me).

Unobtainable Groups:

@Galaxy_Staff – Galaxy Staff
@Galaxy-Development – Galaxy Developers & Modelers

^ To become a member for these groups, please message a moderator or an admin for the forums. Or for the Galaxy Staff group, message Rocket.

Requestable Groups:

@alpha-players – Alpha Players

^ To join these groups, make a request to join and follow the format provided by the template.

Public Groups:

Coming in the future

We’re only getting started with groups on the Galaxy Forums, if you have any questions or suggestions about this, please reply to this post!

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