Money Making Guide: Uranium Mining [NO LONGER PROFITABLE]

Please note that uranium mining has been heavily nerfed and is no longer profitable after rc changed the economy. This guide is being made for historical purposes and in case rc reverts the economy

By default, the uranium prices in mega base is higher than the price in planets. By a long shot. This means that if you managed to buy a ton of uranium from a planet like Frion, it would give a ton of credits back in profit, and it gives more with the more you buy. If you bought 1m worth of uranium from frion and sold it to mega base, you would get an easy 1.2m or 1.5m back. This was incredibly profitable.


  • A VIP Server (Its very risky to mine and trade in public servers but this has been patched with the addition of the UNE team. You also need some things to be correct in order to pull this off)
  • A decent miner like an Orca, M Class, or a Rorqual would be suited. A Galaxy isnt really required because the yield from mining uranium from Frion and Myriad is not that much.
  • A freighter with 5k or above ore hold. A prepevca would suit this but use an E class if you wish to trade on a large scale.
  • Some credits beforehand, this will not be able to be done if you have 0-1k credits.


  1. Join your private server, make sure Frion and Myriad is there. Keep on shutting down your private server until you get both Frion and Myriad
  2. Once your private server has both Frion and Myriad, take out your miner. Warp to frion and mine all of the uranium there. If you still have a good amount of space in your ore hold, go to Myriad and mine all of the uranium there. If your ore hold gets full while at frion, dump to frion and continue mining the uranium at Frion and Myriad.
  3. Once you have dumped all of your uranium to Frion, you will want to spawn in a freighter with a good amount of space. I personally recommend using a prepevca because it normally has enough cargo space to suit your needs.
  4. Buy all of the Uranium you dumped at Frion, make sure it goes to your freighter.
  5. Warp to Mega Base and sell all of the uranium that you bought from Frion.
  6. You should now have made (estimate) 1.25x or 1.5x the amount you spent buying the Uranium.

If all of the uranium is gone from both Frion and Myriad, shut down your private server and follow the steps again.

Leave your thoughts on this strategy in the replies, you can also edit this post with your own information if you want to add onto it!