Reaching beyond "build limit" mining potential - Event Miners

We all know the standard build menu miners. Wasp, hornet, commercial miner, rorqual, etc. Very linear, maybe spending on freighters and small fighters along the way. That is, until you reach the Orca. A huge miner, efficient and equipped with 6 turrets.

While this is a good way to progress, you will hit the limit of normal progression.

This is where the more expensive and complicated strategy of mining comes into play. While the argument between more ore hold or more turrets is constant, it usually caps out at 6500 ore hold and 40-60 mining rate for the average player’s reach, such as me

What I’m getting at here, is wait for events. Even the most recent one, such as the Maple Orca, which is incredible and almost a rival to Freedom Galaxy, or the Patriotic Rorqual, a great buff of the original Rorqual. All in all, whether you need special event artifacts such as Snowflakes, build permits (not currently able to be used for low-tier miners) or other unidentified quests, it is 110% worth it to snag event miners.

Just don’t mine in public servers with them, and try to stay docked 60% of the time you mine. :wave: