What factions are you guys in?

what factioon are u guys in on boblox galaxy?

Thanks for the replies everyone. :desolate:

I used to be mainly EA, but that died. I’m in TES, and I also have my own little group too called American Chaos Empire. Not a faction, just wanted to include it here.

anyways i heard your faction has a theia pretty cool

Why does everyone bring that up it’s so painful

Bird Cult
is good

I’m in the blackhawks.

TU will have some reformation but if the game dies then rip

tan and ea but they are both dead so lol

mainly tan but its kinda ded lol

I work on my own. I had a thing where I wanted to be self-sufficient because I didn’t want to be betrayed in the middle of a siege. I am still self-sufficient, but for other reasons.