What's your favorite ship?

Sugondese, the wiki owner, asked me to post something as a test
so i ask of you
what’s your favorite ship? (model-wise)


in terms of looks, probably the cyber leviathan or crystocrene. prowler looks cool too

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i would say my favorite ship is the genesis.
back when it used to be good, it would be my favorite battleship. i never lost it once.
but then it got nerfed so warden is my new favorite.

The ship where it mines for you and you can just leave it on overnight

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also didnt you get removed from admin for quest duping lmfaoooooooo

Big Marauder (Large)

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ridgebreaker since you are bad

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there was no duping involved my guy
it was a simple screw up by devs, and i got demoted for it

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old nightmare was also very nice looking, the naga also looks very nice.

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old genesis looked amazing. the warden interior is so simple and nice though

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i think my favourite ship is:

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Model wise…


Still processing…

Haven’t yet thought of it…

Oh wait…

I know!


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Bone Ampharos is very cool, I like their look.

the 2019 halloween ships looked really good
i liked abbadon, azreal, and lucifer especially

Probably Sub but there’s a lot of other really cool models as well

(also une bias is winning)
(that moment when forums wont let me use full sub name smhhhh)

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I like the “Server Crasher (Test)” because it had 3000 laser spinals and stopped people from playing galaxy

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bird ship is best

Freedom Galaxy