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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The 2020 Ship is a New Year's themed Cruiser released during the 2019 Christmas Event.


The 2020 Ship is a Cruiser and the second ship released following the coming of a new year, the first being the raffle-based 2018 Ship. It went offsale on the same day that the Christmas Event ended.


This 2020 Ship has quite a small but nicely-decorated interior. Inside, players will see ten memes split across the decade (one from each year, 2010–2019).


  • Highest Combined Health of all Cruisers, at a whopping 4040, even surpassing some Battlecruisers and the 2018 Ship.
  • Very unique Spinal pattern, as it's Phasers can go in every direction.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Capable of holding its own for a limited time.
  • Spinal pattern makes it particularly effective against massive, weakly-defended ships.


  • Very expensive for a Cruiser.
  • You will be targeted by those who see it as a prize kill.
  • Can only be obtained once from the quest, and can't be sold.
  • Lack of heavier weaponry limits the combat capabilities of this festive ship against anything in the Cruiser through Dreadnought range.


  • Be incredibly careful while using this, as it is non-refundable and you will never be able to obtain it again.
  • Never spawn it during a War.
  • Only spawn it to show off to people.
  • If used against large targets, fly into areas that will maximize the absorption of the unique Spinal pattern.

Version History

  • Taken off-sale on January 4, 2020.
  • Spinal cooldown heavily increased in unknown version.


  • The NPC that players will need to talk to is on the same Discord server for the game. The confusion is to talk to the NPC (from which gives the 2020 Ship quest) in-game, not the actual player in-game.
  • Was used as a new boss NPC during Christmas 2021
  • The number 2020, along with new years is heavily associated with this ship, as the ores required are 2020 uranium, both shields and hull are 2020, the number itself is seen on the sides, and the F spinal shoots 26 Small Phasers in a unique direction representing a firework, as expected for a ship of its name.
  • This ship sells for 48,574 Credits.
  • The first one of these ships to die was infernofire13's to xxErebus. However, due to the glitched nature of the ship a log was not produced. The event is recorded in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EPDAUwj0fg
  • Was only available for 3 days.
  • Be careful when trying to maximize Spinal effectiveness—flying inside of certain areas of Starbases or Ships can be interpreted as unfair (bannable) exploitation.
  • During an admin event, it was possible to get it, even though it was after it's limited time period.
  • Was accidentally re-released in the Cruiser build menu for a few hours on 7/13/2020. Private servers kept this ship buyable for longer even after the bug was patched.
  • Is set ablaze due to 2020's negative outcome.
  • Was released again in the new "Limited Edition (Permits)" Build menu, in version .72f. It can be obtained for a E class permit (310k credits) + 7209 Sillicate, 5865 Carbon, 5587 Iridium along with 11 460manufacturing fee.
2020 Ship In Build Menu