A - Brawler

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This article describes the fighter, not an actual NPC vessel, nor the Player owned battleship. For the NPC boss with the same model, see Kneall Brawler, for the player owned battleship, see Brawler.

The A - Brawler is an Alien-themed Fighter that spawns in the Annihilator.


The A - Brawler is a small, powerful, Battleship-like fighter that is spawned on the Annihilator which is based off of the Brawler.


The A-Brawler has an identical appearance to the battleship Brawler.

The Interior is a simple black box with a black seat on the front, there is no exit teleporter once you get inside, making you trapped inside unless you reset.


  • Very powerful for a fighter, has stats akin to a battleship and more DPS than most battleships
  • Very high health for a Fighter-class ship.
  • Good amount of Turrets for a fighter, with a decent 7.
  • Can provide as much support as most Battleships.


  • As with all Kneall based ships, the turrets are rather inaccurate.
  • Easy to hit and destroy due to the sluggish mobility, and complete lack of damage resistance.
  • Like with all other fighters, no warp drive.


  • Use this monster of a fighter like a sacrificial battleship.
  • Get a skilled player inside the Brawler, as AI Fighters shoot spinals inconsistently and turn their backs sometimes, losing half of its firepower.
  • Avoid going head-to-head against a dreadnought or higher class ship if you aren't planning to sacrifice yourself yet.

Version History

  • Added in version .75a10
  • Health nerfed to 300/300 until the duration of the ongoing Kneall Event
  • Name changed A - Bioicle -> A - Brawler .75a37


  • Once you enter the fighter, you cannot get out unless you reset because there's no exit teleporter inside the ship.
  • Almost identical to the Brawler.
  • Lower health, fighter class instead of battleship class and slightly lower spinal DPS than Kneall Brawler. Otherwise identical.
  • One of the strongest fighters in the game, tied with the Elanis, which is also a Battleship-like fighter and also one of the only 2 Battleship-like fighters in the game.