A - Bruiser

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This article describes the fighter, not an actual NPC vessel. For the NPC with the same model, see Bruiser.

The A - Bruiser is an Alien-themed Fighter that spawns in the Annihilator.


The A - Bruiser is a small, powerful fighter that is spawned in the Annihilator based off the Bruiser.


The A-Bruiser has an identical appearance to the Alien NPC ship Bruiser, but made moderately smaller.

The Interior is nonexistent and the pilot seat is instead, at the back of the fighter.

Pilot "Seat"


  • A powerful fighter overall.
  • Agile and small, making it hard to hit.
  • High health for a fighter.
  • Has more DPS than it's NPC counterpart.
  • Long range and accurate turrets for a fighter.
  • Cute.


  • Very low turret DPS.
  • Majority its DPS comes from its spinal weaponry.
  • Below average top speed for a Fighter.
  • Very bad turret placement, you cannot fire both turrets unless you're above your opponent, which would in turn not allow you to fire spinals.


  • Utilize drifting and hit-and-run tactic to survive as long as possible while dealing the maximum amount of damage.
  • Fly together with your other fighters.
  • Can fight both small and capital ships efficiently.
  • Focus on swarming and destroying AA ships like the Ampharos or Hyron first, as they will shred you if left alone.

Version History

  • Added in version .75a10
  • Health nerfed to 200/100 until the duration of the ongoing Kneall Event in version .75a10


  • Better than Kneall Bruiser in every way except shield hp.
  • One of the only ships that is better than its NPC counterpart.
  • Has the turret with the longest (and possibly funniest) name in the entire game.