Abandoned U.N.E Base

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

This content has been disabled and replaced with the U.N.E Starbase
Not to be confused with U.N.E Starbase 12.


The Abandoned U.N.E Base was added in 2017 Christmas Update. (.60). U.N.E stands for United Nations of Earth. This Starbase is an abandoned human-built base and is one of the only things in the game that contains lore related to Galaxy.

This base can be upgraded up to level three. The first upgrade costs 3000 credits and adds 1000 health to each stat, as well as 4 medium railguns and 4 medium lasers. The second upgrade costs 6000 credits, adds another 1000 health to each stat, and adds another 6 medium lasers, giving the base considerable defensive firepower.


The Abandoned U.N.E Base can gain territory and power like any normal starbase, and can only be captured through assimilation by a Faction. Just like the Mothership, this base cannot be captured by shooting it. When assimilated, their economy can be viewed just like any other Starbase, and buying/selling materials and dumping ore there is always possible.


The interior of this Station is massive, with the Control room having half the size of Mega Base's interior. The outer hall is twice the size of Derelict Station, and the docking rooms span the width of the Freedom Base.

The central U.N.E control room contains the bodies of many armed U.N.E soldiers, similar to the devastation seen in the outer halls. The center of the room is occupied by a large computer, which has a terminal still in order. This terminal allows players to open a chat box and discover the lore behind the base's destruction.

In the outer halls, crates lay upright and pushed over for unknown reasons. The walls are riddled with bullet holes, and swords and guns lay discarded throughout the base. There is also a green, humanoid figure of some kind half hidden behind a partly closed hatch. This could possibly be the remains of some sort of Alien similar to those seen at the Alien Embassy in the Mega Base.


  • This is the first and only Starbase to have 0 shields at its base level. This is widely attributed to the lore of the base.
  • One of the only things in the game that contains a solid historical account about events in Galaxy.
  • There are no teleporters to the center of the base, so it's recommended not to mine here if you do not have escorts.
  • You're able to access the menu in both docking areas. This helps players walk a shorter distance to de-spawn or dump their ore.
  • Makes a random alarm sound time to time.
  • If you are boom mining this base, bring a hull breaker such as a Ridgebreaker, as it has no shields and you will be able to use it to its maximum effectiveness.

There are two boards with Alien script inside the U.N.E Control Room