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The Absolution is a Battlecruiser with unique ship design and powerful Spinals.


The Absolution is a Battlecruiser with many details ranging from a large half tube that houses the Spinals, to the large hole in the middle of the ship.

It can deal massive damage with its two Large Cannons. Its Turrets are located on the top. With four Medium Lasers and two Light Flak Cannons, this is a great alternative to the Razor Wing.


The interior is largely inaccessible and is hard to make out what is inside, due to collision issues with the ship's model. It does however, possess at least a bare-bones interior of a square pilot seat and some surrounding walling from what is visible.


  • High overall Turret and Spinal firepower.
  • Decent mobility for a Ship of its Class.
  • High overall health.
  • Great for taking down small ships.
  • Able to take down larger ships if you exploit their blind spots.
  • Spinals, being large, have long range.


  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Unbalanced damage, better at taking down hull.
  • One of the more expensive Battlecruisers.


  • Attack from below other ships if you can. Your mobility should allow you to stay below most ships.
  • Utilize your powerful Large Cannons to maximize damage.

Version History

  • Nerfed in .58b—lost 350 shield.
  • Buffed in the Battlecruiser Rebalance (version .64d), gained 800 shield.
  • Remodeled in .64f
  • Max Shield increased from 1500 to 1650 in .65b.
  • in the same version, Absolution received it's large cannon back.
  • Absolution received trails 66b.
  • Model reverted to original model in ???.
  • Received another Large Cannon in version .69a2.
  • Remodeled in unknown version.
  • 2 Light Flak Cannons -> 2 Light Autocannons .76d36


  • One of the ships involved in a long remodeling process
  • The Absolution is likely to be based on the ship Aegis from the game Fractured Space.
  • The Galaxy's interior closely resembles the Absolution's.
  • Nicknamed "Abso".
  • One of the only Battlecruisers without a teleport pad.