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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Advanced Miner is a relatively cheap Miner class ship with four Small Mining Lasers.


The Advanced Miner is a Miner with four Small Mining Lasers. This allows it to mine Asteroids at double the rate of a Tango, It has a health pool of 2200, divided rather evenly between Shield and Hull (1000/1200) respectively. It has a mining range of approximately 4000 studs. It takes a minimum of 100 seconds to fill up its Ore Hold.


The interior of the Advanced Miner is a small cockpit with a glass dome covering it. The inside of the cockpit has a pilot seat with a screen in front of it, along with some cargo containers behind the seat.


  • Fast mining speed.
  • Somewhat large Ore Hold.
  • Decent mobility for a Miner.
  • Explosion Value of 28


  • Somewhat low health (2200 total).
  • Can be easily taken down with any ship if you are not under your Starbase's protection.


  • Make sure you use the Minimap to check for incoming enemies or Aliens.
  • Always mine in a faction that is not at War with anyone so you can make sure you will be safe.
  • Stay near your base so that you can make it back quickly if someone declares War.

Version History

  • Warp drive added in an unknown version (.61h1?)
  • Alongside the Harvester, this ship was put off sale in version .75a10.


  • The current model is based on the Venture Mining frigate from the game Eve Online.
  • Before the second and the third model was made, the Advanced Miner was formerly a modified Tango with 4 Small Mining Lasers.
  • Brings in about 1250 Credits without any Loyalty per run, but can earn up to 2250.
  • A popular choice for new players.
  • There is a hidden Fortnite shoe inside this ship.
  • Has two limited counterparts, the Snowy Advanced Miner and the Retro Advanced Miner.
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