Advanced Ship Dealers

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

This page is about the Advanced Ship Dealers, which was removed. Go to the Advanced Ship Computers page for the current dealers.

The Advanced Ship Dealers were previous hidden quest NPCs that allowed players to purchase Advanced Ships.


Originally, only one NPC, the Shady Dealer, sold Advanced Ships. After the events of the 2020 April Fool's event, the Shady Dealer was "killed," and two different NPCs have since taken his place.

All Advanced Ship Dealers follow a pattern of being hidden in random places around the map, often on NPC bases or Planets.

Advanced Ship Dealers


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Eduardo follows in the footsteps of the Shady Dealer, the previous rotation ship NPC that was "killed" during the April Fool's Event of 2020. In his quests, his name is the "Shady Soldier" and he wears a U.N.E uniform.

Eduardo used to sell the Osiris for 2,000,000 credits. He can be found in a hidden room underneath the stairs inside Derelict Station. The wall with a laser gun is non-collidable and can be used to walk around the stairs to Eduardo's hiding spot.

Required Items

  • 2 Million Credits.

Quest Dialogue

Eduardo: Interested in, a deal?*

Player: Im listening...*

Eduardo: Bring me 2 million credits and ill give you an Osiris.*

Player: Okay.

Eduardo: Come back with the credits.

Player receives Quest #57, "Shady Soldier" in the quest menu."

When speaking with "Eduardo" again.

Eduardo: Got my credits?

Player: Sure do.

Eduardo: Ty.

If player has the required items, they receive the ship "Osiris" as a reward.


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Clive is an Advanced ship dealer to take Eduardo's place after he "ran away".

Clive used to sell the Advanced battleship Imperator and Helios for the price of 600,000 credits at the Abandoned U.N.E Base. He can be found next to an almost-closed door in the ring around the base.

Both Helios and Imperator Quests have the same dialogue.

Required Items

  • 600,000 Credits

Quest Dialogue

Clive: Interested in, a rare ship?*

Player: You have me interested...*

Clive: I'll give you a Helios/Imperator for 600k, take it or leave it.*

Player: Very well.

Clive: Return with my credits and the ship is yours.

Player receives either the Helios or Imperator quest, depending on the rotation.

When speaking with "Clive" again.

Clive: Got my credits?

Player: Sure do.

Clive: Ty.

If player has the required items, they receive the ship Helios, or Imperator as a reward, depending on the rotation.

*Grammatical errors are kept to show true dialogue