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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Aedes is a Halloween Event 2022 Quest Battleship.


The name of Aedes carries a lot of irony. For a ship named after what were considered pests in the early days of humanity, this ships arsenal excels in the destruction of any sub-capital ship.


The Aedes is a long, mostly green, black and grey ship that has 2 short fins at the back, along with 8 pointy cylinders that glow a light green and may be thrusters. The engines, like the "thrusters" glow a light green and are split up into 9 sections. Most of your guns are located near the back as well on the top of the ship. The front portion of the ship curves and gets smaller, with details similar to the front of the ship, decorated in grey, scale like shapes and a green glowing spike at the very front of the ship, also where the spinals fire from.


  • Good against hull-based ships like the Armageddon, due to the turrets being hull based.
  • Good health for a battleship.
  • Extremely fast for a battleship, coming in at 210 Studs Per Second.
  • High accuracy turrets, with most of them being flaks and lasers.
  • Good turn speed of 0.55, coming out on top against most other battleships.
  • Large cargo hold of 500. (When compared to other battleships)
  • Extremely long range of 8000 studs, meaning that you can pick of fighters from afar.


  • Requires good spinal aim to deal sufficient damage to shield.
  • Turrets are Hull based, making it harder to kill shield-based ships.
  • Your Aedes flak cannons do not do much damage, and your Spindle Lances have a long reload, making it hard to dish out a lot of damage on any targets with a decent amount of health.
  • Large blind spot at the bottom of the ship due to the absence of guns.


  • Due to the high speed and fast turn rate, use your high maneuverability to help destroy your opponents.
  • Most of your guns are on the top of the ship, with 1 on each side of the front/middle of the ship. This means you will have to position the ship much like you would when using a Judgement, facing towards the enemies or right below them in order to fire all of your guns, including spinals.
  • If you do end up having a person abusing your blind spot below you, quickly roll over or go below them using your quick speed.
  • The Aedes weaponry is heavily AA based, using highly accurate Flaks and Lasers, meaning that you can quickly melt smaller enemy ships such as fighters or frigates.