Alien Device

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The Alien Device is an item used for building ships.

Alien Devices can be obtained from a quest, detailed below.

They can also be obtained from the loot of the Kneall Eradicator. (About 3 from an Eradicator)


Ships that require Alien Devices to build.
Ship Amount Onsale
Annihilator 10 Yes
Prototype X-2 2 Yes
Obliterator (Kneall Core) 2 Yes
Nautilus 1 Yes


The Alien Device Quest can be found inside Myriad III via a hole which leads to a series of tunnels. When you fall down the hole and land, turn to your left and move until you hit a corner, then turn to the right until you hit a corner again, then turn to right again. The second time you turn to the right, in the middle of that tunnel has a hole on top of it, jump up here until you find a large stone door, where the Quest is located.

Video guide on the location of the Alien Device Quest.

Alien Computer

Requires: 7500 Alien Parts. Reward: 1 Alien Device.

AlienQuest is the quest giver for Quest #81 - "Alien Computer".



[Player]: "Machine? What is this?"


[Player]: "What parts do I need to fix you?"

[AlienQuest]: [ALIEN PARTS REQUIRED:15000]

[Player]: "Where will I find these parts?"


[Player]: "I will find these parts and fix you."

[AlienQuest]: [ACCEPTED]

Quest #81 - "Alien Computer" appears in Quest Menu

Extra Dialogue:

[Player]: "What will you reward me?"


When speaking with AlienQuest again

[AlienQuest]: [INSERT PARTS]

Player: "[Here I have them]"

[AlienQuest]: "..."

If player has the required items, they will receive 1 count of the item "Alien Device" as a reward.

Version History

  • Alien Part required for making one increased. 5000 -> 15000 in version ???.