Alien Part

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The Alien Part is an item used for making the Alien Device and trading in materials via Quests. Alien Parts are extremely lightweight and just take a Wyrm to loot from enemies that drop it.

Alien Parts only drop from Alien AI Faction ships.

Currently spawning Aliens that drop Alien Parts
Ship Amount
Decimator 200
Punisher 50
Outrider 20
Bruiser 10
Swarmer 5


Alien Parts are mainly used to trade for Material Scrap and to build the Alien Device used to build powerful ships.

The Alien Part Material Quest is found inside Level 1 of Freedom Base beside Strange Character

The Alien Device quest can be found in the page Alien Device.

Alien Part Scrapping

Requires: 3000 Alien Parts. Reward: 3000 Material Scrap.

"AlienPartsComputer" is the NPC Quest-giver for Quest #39 - "Alien Part Scrapping".


[AlienPartsComputer]: [STARTING]

[Player]: ...

[AlienPartsComputer]: [INPUT:3000 ALIEN PARTS]

[Player]: ...

[AlienPartsComputer]: [OUTPUT:3000 MATERIAL SCRAP]

[Player]: Ok.

[AlienPartsComputer]: [INSERT ALIEN PARTS]

Quest #39 "Alien Parts Scrapping " is given.

When speaking with AlienPartsComputer again

[AlienPartsComputer]: [CONFIRM?]

[Player]: Yes.

[AlienPartsComputer]: [PROCESSING...]

If player has the required items, they will receive 3000 Material Scrap as a reward.

Version History

  • Price changed from 4 to 1 in an unknown version, then 1 to 2.5 in version .75a12
  • Weight changed from 1 to 0.1 in version .75a12
  • Alien Part drop count tripled for all Alien ships, due to this Alien Device requirements were tripled all in version .75a12
  • Alien Parts drop count nerfed again in an unknown version.


  • Alien Parts were used as a build material for numerous Alien Themed Ships.
  • The Warehouse has a limit on how many Alien parts it can hold, which is 150,000 parts. You cannot store any more alien parts in your warehouse at that point even with a Level 38 Warehouse.
Attempt to transfer Alien Parts above the 150K Limit.