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Aliens are one of the only two enemy AI Factions in the game, the other being the Pirates. Any ships affiliated with the Alien faction will attack any ship or Starbase/Planets that is not their same faction on sight, at a minimum of 15,000 studs away from them. They can also attack the enemy AI faction Pirates

All of the alien ships currently in the game are made and used by the Kneall, but during the past events, other alien factions, such as the Avellian, temporarily replaced the Kneall.

Alien Fleet

The Alien ships that currently spawn naturally are the following:

The Alien ships that currently don't spawn naturally are the following:

  • Small alien ships spawn in groups of 3-5 at random locations on the map.
  • Large alien ships spawn alone at random locations on the map.
  • Recent updates have limited the number of Alien ships that can spawn in one server to 20, but they can still build up considerable groups with enough firepower to destroy even the strongest Starbases.
  • Alien ships that are Battleship-class or larger have the ability to call all aliens currently in the map to their aid, and can target Starbases and Planets
  • All Alien ships can spawn in Private Servers.

Ship Stats

Aliens tend to focus on shield damage, with the exception of the Decimator.

Note: All alien ships, from Swarmer, all the way to the Kneall Prototype have a fixed damage resistance of 30%, regardless of ship class.

Alien Ships
Alien Ship Shield Hull Top Spd. Accel. Turn Spd. Turret DPS Spinal DPS Explosion Radius Spawn Time
Swarmer 900 250 175 16 0.7 7 0 8 3 Minutes (Random)
Bruiser 1,250 650 79 40 0.9 14 74 14 6 Minutes (Random)
Outrider 2,500 2,100 110 50 0.9 76 107 24 10 Minutes (Random)
Kneall Bionicle 6,450 3,600 80 35 0.47 111 161 9,999 Doesn't Spawn
Punisher 7,550 5,400 110 12 0.6 210 0 300 28.5 Minutes
Decimator 19,000 14,500 100 12 0.5 366 115 600 60 Minutes
Kneall Prototype 21,500 24,500 125 50 0.15 578 216 1,500 Doesn't Spawn

Planet Capturing

Punishers and Decimators can command alien fleets to capture and assimilate Planets just like player factions, and can cause a server shutdown if it targets (and destroys) Mega Base. Although other aliens don't target the planet when they come to close proximity, when the mentioned ships calls the aliens on the map to assist them to attack a planet, they will.

Once a Planet is captured, it will have a bright green color in the Map along with the current territory it's occupied with. Aliens targeting the planet when it was captured may linger at planets after taking control instead of warping away, making it difficult to retake the planet.

If the planet is heavily defended by Aliens and/or upgraded, a single Dreadnought may not be enough to take it back. It may take more than one faction's limit of Dreadnoughts and multiple sieges to take back a heavily defended Planet taken by a spawned Kneall Fleet.

You can also use a captured planet to your advantage by using it as a lure making it easier for Aliens to come to you, (Keep in mind that you must only have a maximum of a Level 1 Planet in order to do this.)

Version History

Version .65b saw the introduction of four new Alien ships; the Outrider, Bruiser, Scout, and Kneall Prototype, said to be a weaker Prototype X-2. These ships, along with the original two aliens (Swarmer and Punisher) were able to be spawned at Myriad III when fully upgraded.

Version .67c Gave the Bruiser, the Outrider and the Kneall Scout can now spawn in the map.

Version .69b saw the Halloween 2020 Event, The Aliens were changed for the duration of the event to Servs, Scourges, and much more. Once the event ended, the Scout was permanently removed from the game. Previously, the ships had the word "Kneall" in front of them, making their full name "Alien Kneall Bruiser." The Outrider and Bruiser were recently changed to just say "Alien Bruiser," marking their faction and their ship name.

Version .69e saw the introduction of the Alien ship, the Decimator. This ship spawns after a certain amount of time has passed. It has the highest amount of health out of all aliens that can spawn in the game, making it a formidable enemy. It can also call other aliens to its aid, like the Punisher. The Judgement's build menu description mentioned it over a year ago, but it was only recently added. It's power is comparable to a Rift Guardian.

Version .75a10 saw the Kneall Event, Which introduced alien starbases such as the Devastator and the Kneall Outpost which they will be removed for the conclusion of the event. This event also introduced the Kneall Bionicle which was an identical counterpart to the player-ownable Battleship. These new alien enemies were around until the conclusion of the Kneall Event.

Version .75a27 increased Punisher's spawn limit to 2.

Version .75a37 made Decimator pacifistic against Mega Base (Unless targeted by Punisher) and no longer spawns on top of Mega Base.


  • Most Alien ships have a purple trail.
  • It is possible for Aliens to assimilate a Starbase.
  • Aliens and Pirates will fight each other.
  • Interestingly, the MRLS Launcher's engines resemble that of Alien ships.
  • A full alien swarm should not be underestimated, A Punisher, Decimator and all the other Alien ships can even force a Lucifer to retreat.
  • Since the gatling update, all aliens have gatling Turrets, making the server quite laggy during swarm.
  • The Decimator is the only alien ship with a different icon color than all other non-event aliens.
  • The Decimator does not have its faction name in its name, making it seen as "Decimator" in game.