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Some information on this page may be inaccurate due to recent updates to the Alliance system. Such information is denoted with game-default alliances known as Alpha, Beta..' Template:Image InfoboxAn Alliance is an in-game mechanic involving one or more Player Factions.


Alliances provide a safety net for factions unwilling to go to war. If a faction that is part of an alliance faces a war declaration, all other allied factions not allied with the warring faction will also go to war with the original faction that declared war. Sometimes alliances are used to make a siege easier, as two factions with a lot of Dreadnoughts could easily destroy a Starbase.

People also often make alliances between trading factions or factions lead by their friends. You cannot declare war on someone who you are allied with, so a terminated alliance can be a warning sign for incoming wars. (?)

When a faction wars another faction, the attacking faction will automatically declare war against all of the defending faction's allies. However, if the defending faction has the same ally as the attacking faction, they will not go to war, but instead, the alliance is canceled out. Allying them shortly after is still possible. (?)


  • You can teleport to an allied faction's Starbases or Planets via the teleport menu. However, you are not able to spawn your own ships in allied faction structures.
  • You cannot assimilate another team's Starbases or take their territory if you are allied.
  • Typically, your teams will work together, even as one team. However, this is not always the case.
  • Docked ships at allied Starbases/Planets will allow you to repair your ship just as it would at your own Starbase/Planet (?)

Version History

  • Alliances were disabled in version .70c due to a planned re-write of the general diplomacy system
  • Alliances were re-enabled in version .73e with basic functionality; faction leaders could join three preset alliances ("Alpha," "Beta," or "Gamma"), and other factions could send a request to the founding faction to join those alliances.