Alpha Ship

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Alpha Ship is a Carrier only available to Alpha Players.


The Alpha Ship is a Carrier easily recognizable because of its large size and color scheme.

It carries 6 completely unique Fighters, all miniature versions of Alpha/early Beta models.

Each fighter is as follows: Mini Alpha Warlock, Mini Beta Behemoth, Mini Alpha Naglfar, Mini Alpha Leviathan, Mini Beta Andromeda, and Mini Alpha Cyclops.

The Alpha Ship can only be acquired by playing in alpha, which ended in 2016. To claim the ship, make an admin ticket in the official discord support server.


The Alpha Ship's Interior consists of a detailed bridge with a pilot's seat, screens and two teleporters. Sitting in the pilot's chair the teleporter on the right sends you to a box with 2 red bunk beds and a screen with a 3D view of the alpha ship. The teleporter on the left sends you to the hanger, before you reach the fighters there is a 3D hologram showing the Alpha ship fighting an Alien fleet.


  • High health.
  • Free for Alpha badge owners.
  • Only carries 6 Fighters, making full utilization easier.
  • Powerful Fighters that can deal insane damage if all are used.


  • Must be at a closer range to deal effective Hull damage.
  • The Alpha Ship is a large target making it an easy target for Spinals and Turrets.
  • Only players that have the Alpha Badge or other proof can get it; requires asking an admin.
  • Cannot be re-obtained outside of a proper refund.
  • Heavy Lasers are ineffective against small Ships, especially at long-range.
  • Vulnerable underside.
  • Low maneuverability.
  • Rather underwhelming firepower in general, the ship struggles to even destroy a large Battlecruiser without the support of its fighters.


  • Be careful and know what Ships you can safely take on based on the situation.
  • Warp in, deploy your Fighters, and warp out.
  • Siege bases using your Fighters.

Version History

  • Health increased from 8000/8000 to 10000/9000 in version .68d.
  • Received a buff in version .71b, increasing its Hull from 9000 to 9001.


The interior of the hangar bay.
The holomap.
Mini Leviathan
Mini Naglfar
Mini Andromeda.
Mini Behemoth
Mini Cyclops and Mini Warlock.
  • The strongest Hull-breaker and highest overall DPS fighter on board the Alpha Ship is the Mini Cyclops, while the strongest Shield-breaker is the Mini Naglfar.
  • Modified from an unused Revelation remodel submission.
  • A single Alpha Ship was given away through the Galaxy Wikia Discord Server to a non-alpha player.
  • The first person to lose an Alpha Ship was MrClassyTurtle.
  • Has 6 Fighters: The Mini Alpha Cyclops, Mini Beta Andromeda, Mini Alpha Leviathan, Mini Alpha Warlock, Mini Alpha Naglfar, and the Mini Beta Behemoth, each with unique stats.
  • The turrets are unique, remodeled Alpha Turrets.
  • Believed by many to be the most common limited ship in the game as there are 165067 Alpha Ships that exist or have existed. most of which are yet to be claimed.
    Sleeping Quarters
    Pilot Seat
  • This ship is heavily targeted by factions and pirates. Many players lose this ship quickly after getting it. Some during the same day.