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This page is about the player-ownable vessel. If you're looking for the NPC variant, see Devastator.

The Annihilator is a Carrier made by the Kneall for the Kneall Event.


The Annihilator is a long Carrier that is based off the Devastator, but is significantly smaller and has nerfed stats than the ship it is derived from. It carriers 4 Alien themed A - Bruiser fighters and 1 Unique battleship fighter, the A - Brawler. It can be acquired by completing a quest that requires 30k Silicate, 25k Carbon, 15k Iridium, 2.5k Adamantite, 2.5k Palladium, 2.5k Titanium, 2.5k Quantium, 5k Alien Parts, 10 Alien Devices, 2 Kneall Cores, and 1 Annihilator Fighter Bay.


The Annihilator is a long, slender carrier that has an almost identical appearance to the Devastator. It is one of the largest alien ships in the game, rivalling the size of the Prototype X-2. There are 2 teleporters, one leading to the interior and bridge of the ship, one leads to the fighter bay.

The Fighter Bay is a long hangar housing 4 A - Bruiser fighters, and at the end of the bay lies the teleporter to the A - Brawler, which lies under the ship.

The Interior is identical to the interior of the Obliterator, description of the interior is identical to that of the mentioned ship. With the exception of the 2 holograms on the left side. The "Avoid at all cost pizza" has been replaced with "Diagnosis: Skill Issue" and the kneall mech has been replaced with the face of an ape.


  • Has a Fighter comparable to a battleship.
  • Great for supporting siege fleets with its high health, great fighters, and massive dps.
  • Terrifying power rivaling Super Capitals, for far less cost at the time of the event.
  • High Hull damage.
  • The fighters possess incredible combined firepower if used in a swarm, and even more so if the carrier itself is supporting it.
  • Has more firepower by itself than most non limited Dreadnoughts.
  • High total health of 27,500 Hull and 32,500 Shields, comparable to a weak Super Capital Ship.
  • Massive total damage output when combined with Fighters.
  • Very powerful unique fighters.
  • It has an explosion radius of 1,250, rivaling that of Super Capital nukes and can destroy full shield Dreadnoughts.


  • Rather low Shield damage compared to Hull damage.
  • Sluggish turn speed.
  • Limited carrier, making you a large target.
  • Struggles to fire all turrets at once, unless pointing directly at its target. (Even then, some turrets can still be blocked)
  • Similar to other obtainable Kneall capital ships, the turrets have rather poor accuracy.
  • Its extremely powerful nuke will be a threat to your own fleet/team when your ship is destroyed.


  • Do not use this ship alone. If you do so, travel with a heavy escort that you can trust.
  • NEVER use this ship for tanking damage. The expense of it alone makes it a massive target.
  • It can be used as a support Carrier in sieges by carrying Fighters to distract enemy Starbases, as well as providing great support from its Battleship-like fighter.
  • Useful in fleets, as it provides a powerful and disposable Fighter.
  • Get a player pilot in the A - Brawler rather than using an AI Fighters slot for it as a player could make use of the fighter's full potential.
  • When fighting with the Annihilator, try and stay pointed to your opponent so all your turrets have a line of sight.
  • Be aggressive when you must engage in combat. Due to the low range nature of Annihilator's turrets, not being able to fire the first shot will put you in a disadvantage.
  • Try not to engage when you don't have fighters. This ship is only extremely powerful when paired with its fighters.
  • If you think your ship will be destroyed, Warp your ship away as far as possible from your own fleet or starbase as the nuke has a whopping radius of 1,250, and if possible, you can warp to the enemy's fleet or starbase to bring the nuke there instead.

Version History

  • Added in version .75a10
  • No longer obtainable & Turret DPS slightly nerfed (Titan Kneall Cannon cooldown 2.8s -> 3s) after the end of the Kneall Event. Received an ambience as well.
  • Interior received a shadow-update in an unknown version (most likely same version as the previous entry). "Avoid at all cost pizza" hologram has been replaced with a "Diagnosis: Skill Issue" poster and the Kneall Mech hologram has been replaced with a picture of the face of an ape.
  • Was added to the Limited Build Menu after the conclusion of the Kneall Event in version .75a11
  • Made shorter and wider, fixed the issue where you would fall off it .75a12
  • Ambience removed in an unknown version.
  • Received health nerf 14000 Shield -> 11000, 10000 hull -> 9000 in version .75a12


  • It's fighter, The A - Brawler is an almost identical counterpart to the limited battleship, the Brawler.
  • Used to be obtained in the Non-Limited Build menu, It's main item, The Annihilator Blueprint, could be made in the quest Reverse Engineering.
  • One of the few playable ships of 100% Kneall design in-game, the others being the Prototype X-2, the Brawler, the Onslaught and the Obliterator.
  • One of the only 2 Carriers to house a Battleship like fighter: The A - Brawler, while the other carrier being Hevnetier and it's fighter, the Elanis.
  • One of the highest DPS carriers in the game, tied with the Hailstorm and Sakala. (without fighters)
  • Used to be one of the only ships with an ambience. In fact, it is the only Carrier that used to have one, and had the loudest and longest range ambience out of every other ship.
  • Used to have the second most expensive material cost in the game, requiring a blueprint from the quest Reverse Engineering and materials totaling at 1.9 Million, only behind Lucifer and the Prototypes.
  • The first person to lose an Annihilator was skinnidafam to an Alien Devastator.
  • There used to be a flagship plan for Annihilator, which sought to make Annihilator's health 14000/10000 and give it even more powerful turrets, fully pushing it into the Super Capital range. However, it was eventually cancelled and the Annihilator received a permanent health nerf.