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The Apostle is a Destroyer with surprisingly powerful weaponry.


The Apostle is a good pirating ship armed with several Spinals and Turrets. It is also relatively fast for a Destroyer with good hull and shields for its class.


  • Has powerful Spinals for both shield and hull.
  • Relatively high top speed.
  • High turn speed.
  • Despite the ship's description saying it lacks many defensive capabilities, it has high health.
  • Overall balanced damage between shield and hull (better shield breaking spinals but more hull damaging turrets).


  • Very vulnerable to ships with large amounts of Turrets such as the Ampharos.
  • Has poor turret placement, with turrets on the bottom of the ship.
  • Vulnerable top side


  • Get a large group of these and use them to swarm larger targets.
  • Warp near isolated miners and dispatch them as soon as possible.
  • Avoid approaching an enemy Starbase alone.
  • Stay above your enemy so your turrets can hit along with your spinals.

Version History

  • Max Shield reduced from 880 to 800, spinal barrels reduced from 6/3 to 4/2 in version .66b.


  • Oddly enough, the in-game description describes this ship as a glass cannon, but it has more health than some Cruisers.
  • It has a similar design to the [1] Sith Fighter from the Old Republic Era in the Star Wars lore.