Aqueous II

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Aqueous II is the second Planet to be added to Galaxy after the removal of Earth.


Aqueous II has a blue atmosphere surrounding it and is similar to the planet Frion I. Though the planet is initially unarmed, it receives Turrets when upgraded to Level 2 or 3. Players used to be able to start the Christmas Quest here. Aqueous II can have up to 10,000 shield and hull once fully upgraded. Level 1 costs 12,000 credits and level 2 costs 24,000 credits. The planet's base is accessed through a small shelter built within a cave. The planet's surface is covered in snow and ice, and the planet is buffeted by a raging blizzard, adding to the beautiful winter aesthetic. As of version .62c, Aqueous II has a ring-like belt of asteroids in close orbit. Most were made out of Palladium or Iridium ore. In version .62d, some of these asteroids could be mined, but this feature has since been removed.

Whenever a team's Territory expands over the planet, the ownership of Aqueous II will be transferred to that team. When sieging Aqueous II, the final hit will take the base in the same manner as Frion I and Myriad III.

As of version .70c, the planet is now a bright neon blue-white color, and its atmosphere has become frozen and non-collidable. The spawn and dock location has been moved to a white Corvid stationed below the remaining asteroid. A cage labeled as "Terminal B" is attached to this ship, allowing one (?) ship to dock at a time and allowing all other normal base functions.


The interior of Aqueous II is made up of a large floating island divided into two levels, as well as a cave in the top half. The top sides of both levels house a variety of structures and objects. The bottom "level" features a large lab-like building that houses various rooms with unknown purpose. This level is also home to the Ice Monster, a currently unused quest NPC. The docks for Aqueous II are also located here, which at level one are simple platforms with no teleporter. The inside of the shelter has some Alien text.

The top level of the island includes derelict buildings, Turrets, various rocks, and a frozen-over MLRS, and "Gámér Gamer" which suggests the planet has been long abandoned. When upgraded to level two or three, this area gains an energy tower with Alien text on one side.

When the planet is upgraded to level two or three, the shelter gains a much more industrial appearance with large metal structures and laser-beam gates. It also gains new Alien text on the inside of the building. The docks also gain a more metallic appearance and have teleporters nearby. The large turrets on top of Aqueous II become restored when the planet is upgraded to level 2.

Video showing location of secrets within the Dimensional Cache Cave.

There is also a small cave below the location of the shelter. This cave is a small complex containing a snowman and various other objects. Players can enter this cave by going into the cave entrance in side of the bottom portion of Aqueous II.

Within the top portion of Aqueous II, there is a very large cave with very thick fog. For the location of the cave, see Quest #201 - Dimensional Cache. Within this cave is 2 campfires hidden throughout the cave. There is also a hidden door that leads to a room with wooden walls. What is contained within this room is currently unknown.


Aqueous II is the home of 1 current quest and a former quest NPC.

Dimensional Cache - Quest #201

Within the top section of Aqueous II, there is a very large cave that hosts Quest #201 - Dimensional Cache

Ice Monster - Discontinued Quest

The Ice Monster (or Yeti) was a quest NPC for the Christmas 2017 Quest, which involved collecting snowflakes in a trade to acquire the Blizzard, a unique Carrier. After the Christmas event ended, the quest was disabled and Snowflakes no longer spawn, but the Ice Monster remains a permanent figure on the surface of Aqueous II.


The climate of Aqueous II is mostly boreal, the planet is always coated in snow and it is always snowing and quite foggy. The planet does support life, mostly trees however.

Version History

  • Added in version .59i during the Christmas Event 2017.
  • Remodeled and Buffed in .60d. Now can be upgraded to level 3 with max health of 20k (10k shield and 10k planet hull). Remodeled buildings, new teleporters, and more.
  • Received new "orbital" Turrets in .62a that replaced the mounted Turrets. The planet has 5 at level 2 and 10 turrets at level 3.
  • Received an asteroid belt / ring in .62c and became the home of Quest #8.
  • Became broken and destroyed after the Antares comet crashed into it during the Christmas event 2020
  • Atmosphere made non-collidable and neon-white as the planet "froze over" in version .70c; added a Corvid as a replacement spawn/dock location


  • It's the third planet ever added behind Frion I and Earth. (The latter of which was removed).
  • It's where the Ice Monster was located.
  • There's an npc on the top of Aqueous II named "Gámér Gamer" who Thor's hammer, and is next to the frozen-over MLRS. When interacted with, he says "shuffle off mate".
  • The bottom level has enough room for certain Battlecruisers and smaller Ships to fit inside.
  • There is a cat decal easter egg placed by the creator due to obligations to a friend.
  • If looked at from the right angle, the planet appears to be an oval shape.
  • The Alien text scattered throughout the planet holds a secret related to the Prototype Quests and the Kneall Harbor Master.
  • Like the other planets, Aqueous II starts with lower economy than player starbases.
  • The Antares comet crashed onto Aqueous II during 2020 Christmas event and offers a battleship, Crystocrene for 75 snowflakes and 150,000 credits.
  • As Aqueous II revamp was already being made during 2020, the actual base of the level 1 Aqueous II was used in the Halloween Event 2020 as one of the dimensions The Rift was able to lead a player to. It was where you could purshase Black Scarab for 500 Gamma Pumpkin and 5 Void Pumpkin along 500k credits.