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The Archeon is a Battleship class ship designed specifically for sieging Starbases.

Not to be confused with the Atheon.


The Archeon is a Battleship that specializes in destroying the Hull of large, slow targets such as enemy Planets and Starbases. It can be very slow and is unable to defend itself from small ships, especially ones that can outmaneuver its Railgun volleys.


The interior of the Archeon consists of a small but detailed box with 4 chairs on the side, and a recliner at the front that serves as a pilot seat.


  • Good health for a Battleship, especially in hull.
  • Performs very well in fleets.
  • Decent turn speed.
  • No Spinal work involved, making it fairly easy to use.
  • Good hull damage.
  • Decent at chasing down hulled Capital Ships thanks to the vast array of kinetic weaponry.
  • Has one of the highest overall alpha damage statistics of all Battleships.


  • Vulnerable when alone, it is unable to defend itself from most Ships.
  • Usually cannot perform well in ship to ship combat scenarios.
  • Railguns will almost always miss on anything smaller than a Battleship unless you get really close.
  • Rather low Shield damage.
  • Large blindspot behind the ship.
  • Shield health is rather lacking when compared to Hull health.
  • Very poor overall damage output; being the second lowest among all Battleships.
  • Practically useless for Sieging due to the very poor damage output; even though the turret firepower looks good on paper, it cannot outrange Starbases so it falls short against even some Frigates for effectiveness in sieges.


  • A useful tip with the Archeon is to approach it at a 45-degree angle from below the base. This will allow you to usually fire upon the base, destroying most of its Hull quickly, without taking damage yourself. Caution is advised when using this tactic, as it does not always work. Again, it is best used if you have a fleet with you in the same location.
  • The Archeon is a vulnerable ship and can easily be destroyed on its own, hence there should always be an escort. Only take it out during sieges and play smart. Don't let yourself become a target.
  • It is best used in fleets, as it is very vulnerable when alone, due to the poor accuracy of Railguns. It should typically not be used to fight other ships, as its Railguns will have a hard time getting through Shields, and their low accuracy makes PvP against small Ships nearly impossible.
  • Having such a high Hull damage output it is great for finishing off Dreadnoughts, both to help or counter a siege.
  • When paired with a Shield breaker, you can decimate anything large and slow.
  • Try to stay close to Ships like the Ampharos, since they can get rid of small Ships for you.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in .61g. The older model is seen below.
  • Medium Laser replaced with Heavy Railgun in version .65b.
  • Received a remodel in version .66m.
  • Turn Speed reduced from 0.4 to 0.3, Turret Loadout changed from 6 Medium Railguns, 1 Heavy LR Laser, and 1 Heavy Railgun to 4 Medium Railguns, 1 Medium Siege Railgun, 2 Heavy LR Lasers, and 2 Heavy Railguns in version .74b14(?).
  • Explosion size 45 ----> 270 .75a12


  • The Archeon is similar in design to the Destroyer Argosy, from its appearance to Hull-destroyer.
  • Some people call this a "Mini-Ridgebreaker" because both have bad Turret placement and are Hull destroyers and siege ships.
  • The Archeon has "Acheion" spelled on Its upper right engine in Japanese, which is "Archeon" mistranslated.
    Second remodel.
    The Archeon before it was remodeled
  • The Archeon originally had a Heavy Laser on the front in Alpha.
  • Has similar features to the Argosy.
    Archeon from Alpha