Armored Plating

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The Armored Plating is an item used for making various ships and quest items.

The material needed to make this is Armor Scrap dropped by Pirate NPC's.

More information about acquiring Armored Platings can be found at the page Armor Scrap.


Ships that require Armored Platings to build.
Ship Amount Onsale
Slipstream 31 Rotated
Kraken 30 Yes
Osiris 12 Rotated
Prototype X-2 10 No
Prometheus 9 Yes
Prototype X-1 8 No
Waspinator 7 No
Imperator 6 Rotated
Widowmaker 6 No
Cutlass 4 Yes
Atheon 4 Rotated
Zhen 4 Rotated
Helios 3 Rotated


  • Armored Platings have a true value of 10166.6666667 Credits per piece derived from the value of Armor Scrap and the Smith Quest.