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The Arrow is a small and balanced Frigate.


The Arrow is a small cruiser that features many small and tiny Turrets as well as decent Spinals. The Arrow is balanced between Hull and Shield damage. The Arrow also gets about half it's damage from Turrets, which is very unusual for a Frigate.


The Arrow has a simple interior consisting of two monitors with targeting information and power allocation, two joysticks and a respectable image of Clive Palmer on his way to defeat his foes.


  • Cheap.
  • Good Shields relative to other ships in its class.
  • Great combo of high speed and small size make it excellent for dodging fire.
  • Decent array of Tiny Cannons and Tiny Lasers make it useful for pest-control.


  • The Arrow's' insane speed leads to poor turret accuracy.
  • Poor Hull health.
  • Mediocre DPS.


  • Drifting is the most effective way to play this ship so that you are always moving at top speed but still have your cannon facing your opponent.
  • Avoid ships with many high accuracy turrets like the Mjolnheimr and the Ampharos.

Version History

  • Arrow's speed buffed to 160
  • Arrow's speed changed to 260 in an unknown version
  • Arrow received a minor nerf in an unknown version
  • Arrow was fixed to be un-partshifted
  • Explosion sized changed from 40 to 4


  • Was originally intended to be a destroyer remodel.
  • There is a crashed arrow in Aqueous II at Envoy001's Quest.
  • Although Envoy001's quest requires a Weapon Part to fix his ship You don't need a Weapon part to build the Arrow.
  • Was then intended to be a Gunslinger remodel.
  • Based on the Arrow from Star Citizen.