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This ship is currently offsale due to glitches, remodeling, or other issues. Players that already own this ship may still use it, but no new ones can be built.

The Arthur is a fast and powerful Cruiser.


The Arthur is a fast Cruiser with a very unique shape. It is a very balanced ship (in terms of firepower) divided into both Spinals and Turrets, and it has a decent amount of health for its class. It also has great speed and maneuverability for a Cruiser.


The Arthur does not have an interior, and it is entered by falling straight through the cockpit into the pilot's seat.


  • High firepower if you can aim the Spinals.
  • Decent Turret placement.
  • Good turn speed makes it so enemy ships stay out of its blind spot.
  • Good hull damage.
  • Good maneuverability.


  • Spinals are key to doing shield damage.
  • Can't use all Turrets when firing Spinals.
  • Vulnerable from the topside.
  • Weak Hull health.


  • If you have more than 4 people in your faction and a Dreadnought shows up at your Starbase, the Arthur would be a good ship to swarm with because of its relatively low cost, high speeds, and good Spinals and Turrets.
  • Only use it to support your faction's fleet; never go near a Starbase as it will rip you apart.
  • Use it to destroy smaller ships and harass larger ships.
  • If going alone, use hit and run tactics. Strike your enemy hard, return to your Starbase for repairs, and repeat.
  • If attempting a 1v1 battle, make sure that your enemy is a Cruiser or lower class. Use the Arthur's maneuverability to find your enemy's blindspot and stay there.

Version History

  • The original Turret placement of the Arthur had two Flaks on the top and three on the bottom. In version ??? all of the Turrets were moved to the bottom.


  • Some new players tend to take this into battle alone, most likely overestimating this ship's power.
  • The Arthur does not have a clear hatch or entry hole. However, the bridge/cockpit's roof does not have collision, so one can enter through there.