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An Assimilation occurs when one faction's home territory becomes occupied by another Faction's territory. The faction that has lost their territory will be "Assimilated" into the other faction, and all Starbases owned by the assimilated Faction will fall under the control of the assimilating Faction. As such, the assimilated Starbase will adopt that Faction's team color. Assimilation is one of the main ways factions take control of planets or other NPC bases (except Mega Base). The more power your Starbase has, the faster it will gain territory. To gain power you can dump ore at your base or destroy a ship or a base, which can give a significant amount of power depending on the class or level of the ship or base. Assimilation is an irreversible process, much like faction destruction, but assimilated factions can be assimilated a second time by other factions. When a planet/starbase is assimilated, a text colored the same color as the faction that assimilated it that says "[faction name] has [taken a [planet/base] from [faction name]/been assimilated into [faction name]" will appear on the chat.

Planets like Frion I can also be assimilated by "destroying" them, but only if they are owned by another faction with which yours is at war. Because planets cannot be physically destroyed, any planet that has its shield and hull fully depleted will simply become part of the territory of the faction that dealt the final blow. If a planet has enough power, it can also help you assimilate other factions. Planets were previously able to be assimilated by simply attacking it as part of the neutral faction, but this was changed in version .70c to be only taken over by NPC ships (e.g. Swarmer), territory, and ship nukes (e.g. Super Capitals).


Assimilation relies on factions gaining power to increase their territory. Some methods for increasing power include:

  • Dumping or transferring ore in your own base.
  • Destroying enemy ships
  • Using a freighter with a large cargo hold and buying from your base and selling it to your nearest neighbor. (This strategy only works when you are not at war with said faction, and when the nearby base has enough credits to pay for the sold ore).