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Super Capital Ship

This ship is classified as a Super Capital. It is one of the most powerful Capital Ships and can be built on the build menu


The Astraeus is a powerful Super Capital Ship made for Sieging. The owner of the ship MUST bring a fleet with them, with the biggest reason being that the Astraeus being almost unable to fight other PvP ships, especially Frigates and Cruisers.


The Astraeus has a very detailed and quite large interior, with a floor made with black hexagons. In the middle of the main interior, there is a 3D map showing the ship and some tiny enemy ships. There are two giant control panels, on each side of the Astraeus pilot seat. The pilot seat has multiple control panels in front of it.


  • High Alpha damage with long range.
  • High health, especially with Shields.
  • Long range weapons allow it to outrange and snipe many targets, in addition to the Siege Cannons having a massive 8500 range.
  • Good Pirating ship, Capable insta-killing many miners and freighters.


  • Huge blindspot under the ship.
  • Very slow turn speed (even though the minimum turn speed is 0.1).
  • Long reload speed (which is 25 seconds for every turret it has) makes it hard to hit smaller ships.
  • Low DPS compared to other Super Capital Ships.


  • Stay between 7000 and 7500 below the base you are attacking in order to hit all your weapons while taking minimal damage in return, as the Heavy LR Lasers and Super Lasers have 7500 range.
  • Try to travel in a fleet as this ship has poor defenses against smaller ships and a terrible reload time. You can still die if you get swarmed. Don't overestimate the HP.
  • Avoid fighting multiple ships that you cannot one shot.
  • Use your turret volley fire starting with laser turrets first to shred your enemy ship's health quickly. Keep in mind that all the turrets take a longer time to reload.
  • Do not fire your weapons unless you have a clear shot at the target.

Version History

  • Added in version .66b.
  • Heavy Railgun replaced with Super Laser in version .66c.
  • Received a remodel in version .68e
  • Description changed, Siege Cannons and Super Laser buffed. Siege Cannon count increased to 3 in version .72e1.
  • Siege Cannons and Super Lasers buffed again; Super Cannons getting an alpha buff from 1000 to 1806(as well as a range buff to 8500), and Super Lasers an alpha buff from 1000 to 1445 in version .73c10.


  • Made by the shipyards of Event Horizon.
  • The best ship in the game. Even if it has bad stats. (Opinion, not trivia)?