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Super Capital Ship

This ship is classified as a Super Capital. It is one of the most powerful Capital Ships and can be built on the build menu.

The Astraeus is a powerful and long range Super Capital Ship with one of the highest Alpha Damage in the game.


The Astraeus is a Super Capital Ship made for Diving ships and Sieging with its massive alpha damage. The owner of the ship MUST bring a fleet with them, with the biggest reason being that the Astraeus being almost unable to fight other PvP ships without good tactics, especially Destroyers and Cruisers.


The Astraeus is one of the largest and widest ships in the game, dwarfing many Dreadnoughts and Carriers. The ship has similar detailing and design like other Event Horizon ships and has its logo on each sides of the ship. It has a bridge on the back of the ship, which is extremely small compared to the overall size of the ship. Many of the turrets are one of the largest in-game like the Siege Cannons and all share similar design.

The Interior features a large room with the pilot seat elevated in a platform in the middle, and numerous computers around the walls.


  • Very high alpha damage makes it potent at destroying much less durable capital ships, such as battleships.
  • High health, especially with Shields; which allows it to outlast many other ships in PvP without needing to retreat.
  • Long range weapons allow it to outrange and snipe many targets, in addition to the Siege Cannons having a massive 8500 range.
  • Amazing ship for Pirating, Capable of insta-killing many miners and freighters.
  • Okay for sieges. The turrets can snipe the base from far enough away to mitigate some of the damage as well as tank the remaining damage output at range, and is capable of destroying most sub-capital to battleship defenders in one salvo if the turrets do not miss.


  • Huge blind-spots behind and under the ship.
  • Very slow turn speed.
  • Long reload speed (which is 20-25 seconds for every turret it has) and non-ideal accuracy makes it hard to hit smaller ships.
  • Low DPS compared to other Super Capital Ships, It does pitiful overall damage compared to other Super Capitals, and even strong Dreadnoughts.
  • Vulnerable to shield breakers.
  • One of the worst ships to attack small ships due to the very long turret reload time and low accuracy (However this can be improved by warping close to targets)
  • Can be very easily overwhelmed by smaller, faster ships that focus on shield damage, such as a swarm of Sabre Tooths.
  • Despite the high alpha, the long reload time means ships with enough health can quickly charge their warp and escape if you have no support. The reload also makes it so if your turrets miss, the enemy has a relatively long time to attack before attempting to dodge the next volley. Skilled players can estimate when your turrets will fire and warp a short distance, or move into a blindspot if their ship is smaller.
  • While the ship is capable of sieging with an okay efficiency, it is considerably (in some cases, significantly) worse at sieging than several other more specialized siege ships; such as the Avalon, Hyperion, Kraken, Antares, and Frostpocalypse. These ships, while (mostly) lower in class outperform the Astraeus at sieging because of the low damage output.


  • Always stay at 0 Speed when you use this ship for attacking, as even with 45 Speed it can greatly affect Astraeus's accuracy.
  • Stay between 7400 and 7500 studs below the base you are attacking in order to hit all your weapons while taking minimal damage in return, as the Heavy LR Lasers and Super Lasers have 7500 range.
  • Predict where the warp path of enemies' are and stand in their warp path to volley them. Astraeus's turrets are very effective against warping ships due to their long range, accuracy, and the fact that warping ships ALWAYS have 0 Speed. This strategy can also be effective against small ships as well.
  • Almost ALWAYS travel in a fleet as this ship has terrible defenses against smaller ships and one of the worst reload times. You can still die if you get swarmed. Don't overestimate the HP.
  • Never get your Astraeus hulled, as it has low hull health, and you will be focused on significantly once you get hulled.
  • The Astraeus is great for defending against sieges, and the alpha damage can destroy sieging ships in 1-3 shots usually. However, beware of large carriers that are capable of withstanding your punishment for long enough to significantly damage you with an AI-piloted fighter swarm; as if they are supported by a fleet, they are capable of destroying your ship.
  • Do not fire your weapons unless you have a clear shot at the target.
  • Similar to the Judgement, prioritize performing hit-and-run tactics. Prolonged ship-to-ship combat is not ideal for this ship, as it lacks the damage output needed for sustained close/mid range brawls against other strong Capital Ships, such as multiple Dreadnoughts, or a Super Capital with decent to high damage output; such as the Hyperion, Theia, or Oblivion.
  • Due to its shield-based HP, flee if shield breakers are targeting you.
  • Due to the terrible maneuverability, always warp short distances to stay in a position that gives you the advantage.
  • EXTREMELY powerful for pirating. Warp to an unsuspecting miner or freighter and destroy them in one or two shots, then loot the wreck with your 1500m3 cargo hold. Your shields can tank fire from Starbases long enough for you to destroy ships you are pirating.

Version History

  • Added in version .66b.
  • Heavy Railgun replaced with Super Laser in version .66c.
  • Received a remodel in version .68e
  • Description changed, Siege Cannons and Super Laser buffed. Siege Cannon count increased to 3 in version .72e1.
  • Siege Cannons and Super Lasers buffed again; Super Cannons getting an alpha buff from 1000 to 1806(as well as a range buff to 8500), and Super Lasers an alpha buff from 1000 to 1445 in version .73c10.
  • Hull health decreased from 10,000 to 8,500 in version .75a5.
  • Turret armament changed from 2 Super Lasers, 3 Siege Cannons, and 5 Heavy LR Lasers to 1 Super Laser, 3 Siege Cannons, 2 Super LR Lasers, and 4 Heavy LR Lasers in version .75a5.
  • Taken off-sale in version .75a5 to reduce super capital permit prices.


  • Made by the shipyards of Event Horizon.
  • This ship can 1 volley anything below Battleships and if it has high loyalty, it can one volley some weaker Battleships; such as the Sentaliz.
  • Well known for the extremely high alpha damage.
  • Most people who know the alpha damage of this ship do not account for the many flaws, such as the huge reload time, terrible mobility, and lack of defenses besides the massive shield health. However, it is extremely useful if used properly in situations such as sieges, anti-sieges, diving, and pirating.