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Advanced Ship

This ship is an Advanced ship. It is a powerful, semi-limited ship that stands out among others of its class and may require special build materials or quests.

The Atheon is an Advanced Cruiser with five of its own custom turrets.


The Atheon is a small Cruiser with balanced firepower against both Shields and Hull. It is a very detailed ship with a developed shape and decorative trails.


The Atheon has a very simple interior; you enter through an oval cockpit containing the pilot seat.


  • Great maneuverability.
  • No blind spots.
  • Not many people know about it and may misjudge its power.
  • Slightly higher health, DPS, and turret count than the Zhen, an advanced battlecruiser.
  • Very good damage against shields.
  • Great for swarming large ships with many blindspots, like the Subjugator.
  • Turrets have high range considering the ship's class.
  • Perfect for Alien hunting due to the shield breaking spinals and hull breaking turrets.
  • Amazing shield breaker for a Cruiser.


  • Very expensive for its class.
  • Turrets often miss when fired against small, moving targets.
  • Difficult to fire all turrets at once unless facing the target head-on.
  • Small cargo hold, disabling the ability to loot large wrecks.
  • Can usually be destroyed by precision turrets with ease.


  • Quickly overwhelm the enemy when used in swarms, and target the blindspots of larger or more inaccurate ships.
  • Because of the rarity of this ship it can be used to lure people out of their base during war.
  • Be cautious around ships with precision turrets, they can easily kill you.
  • Use this in swarms to completely annihilate shield tanks.
  • Use the lack of popularity to your advantage, and easily destroy ships like Battleships and Dreadnoughts piloted by newer players.

Version History

  • Added in version .66b
  • Advanced turrets replaced with equivalent custom turrets in version .66b.
  • Received 2 more Pulse Cannons in version .69a2.
  • Made available with every other advanced ship (except Osiris) for a month in version .69e.
  • Price increased to 300k credits in version .69e.
  • Put back on sale for a third time in (unknown version please add).
  • Gained 300 shield, 200 hull and 2 Medium Phasers, as well as a small speed nerf in (unknown version please add).


  • The first ship to be part of the monthly advanced ship rotations. Available from September 1st, 2019 to September 27th, 2019.
  • Obtained through a quest by the Shady Dealer, in Myriad III's Moon.
  • The most expensive cruiser.
  • First and only advanced cruiser in the game.
  • Reappeared again in the month of January, 2020.
  • First ship to be repeated in the monthly ship rotations.