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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Atlas is an oddly-shaped Limited Dreadnought.


The Atlas is a large Dreadnought primarily based around sieging. Its most notable characteristic is the USSR emblem on the sides of this ship. It features two stubby prongs on the left and right front sides of the ship, with the rest of the main body being bulbous and roughly hexagonal in shape. Its turrets are lined up largely along the top and sides, making a front-downwards angle most effective in combat.


The interior of the Atlas is well shaped with a large room containing a seat surrounded by a large screen set up. Above the teleporter and directly behind the captain's seat is the communist insignia the sickle and hammer.


  • Many long range Turrets.
  • Very few true blind spots (defined as unable to fire in a certain area), and the true ones are easily countered by raising or dropping the ship's nose.
  • Very high hull health, coupled with decent shield health.
  • Decent DPS.


  • Inaccurate thanks to the large turrets and misses almost every single time against small ships.
  • Sluggish maneuverability.


  • Always try to have a multi-ship escort because of its weakness in PvP.
  • Avoid small ships such as Frigates or Destroyers, as they are hard to hit sometimes and can destroy you easily.
  • Don't use this against hull-breaker ships, as they will destroy your hull quickly.

Version History

  • Added as part of the mega update in version .66b
  • The Soviet Insignia was removed soon after its release, this caused some of the community to be upset and mad.
  • The Soviet Insignia was later added back, as there were actually no rules against it.
  • Received a major nerf in version 67b losing a whopping 1 Hull.
  • Received a major nerf in version .67c: Shield reduced from 7500 to 1000 and Hull reduced from 15499 to 13000. Turnspeed increased from 0.01 to 0.04. Turret loadout changed from 4 Triple Capital Lasers and 5 triple Capital Cannons to 3 Heavy LR Lasers and 4 Capital Cannons.
  • Temporarily removed from build menu in version .67c
  • Re-released for Black Friday 2020, limited instead of offsale now.
  • 2 Triple Heavy Cannons replaced with 2 Capital Triple Lasers and 2 Heavy LR Lasers replaced with 2 Heavy Quantum Lasers in version .73a3.
  • Health changed from 1,000 Shield and 13,000 Hull to 6,000 Shield and 12,500 Hull in unknown version.
  • Explosion Size 120 ----> 1000 .75a12
  • Removed from game, players were given 300,000 credits .76c


  • Sometimes called the "Fatlas" as both a reference to its blocky proportions and a ship from the game Tradelands.
  • Dragonsoul21, the creator of the Atlas, was also the first player to lose an Atlas to Cosmic_Obscenities.
  • Seat is sometimes hard to get into.
  • Communist symbols on the sides of the ship and in the interior were removed before it was deemed that it was not against the rules. However it was put back in an unknown version.
  • Currently not on the build menu as of 5/28/2020.
  • The 1 hull nerf the Atlas received in version 67b is the smallest nerf to ever happen.
  • The Atlas is the first ship to become a limited ship via an update.
  • Often considered a joke and usually heard with the Red Army's Anthem song from someone's stereo.
  • This ship is a rarity to see nowadays.