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The Aura is a Cruiser with balanced firepower.


The Aura is a Cruiser focused somewhat on spinal weaponry and hull health. This ship has two arms mounted in a beetle horn-like configuration around the front-mounted cockpit. The ship's two turrets lie behind these arms on the main body, providing limited line-of-sight against ships directly in front of or below the Aura; this is somewhat mitigated by the need to aim the ship to properly use its spinals.


The Interior contains a very advanced layout of computers and navigation systems, it is very similar to advanced ships like the Zhen. It has a very decorated path from the teleporter outside the ship to the inside.


  • Outstanding amount of damage output from Spinals, focusing on Shield damage.
  • Very cheap.
  • Spinal reload is very fast.
  • Has decent range.
  • Possibly the best ship to start learning on how to use Spinal weapons.


  • While it has a good amount of hull, the Aura lacks shields which makes it vulnerable to hull breakers.
  • It's turn speed and maximum speed are not impressive for its class, and it can be out-maneuvered by faster ships.
  • Low amount of overall damage from turrets.
  • Weak against most larger ships.


  • Outputs high overall damage through its spinals (100 Shield DPS and 70 Hull DPS).
  • Try to get beneath the enemy or get in its blindspot to deal a lot of damage.
  • Due to the slow turning speed, it's suggested to stay at distance when targeting enemies.
  • Try to stay in a group when engaging larger targets.
  • Always tail other spinal ships if possible, as they lack the power to take you down in a short amount of time.

Version History

  • Introduced in .66b.
  • Spinal configuration and barrel count fixed.
  • Turnspeed decreased to 0.35 (from 0.4) and Maxspeed decreased to 110 (from 125) during the Black Friday 2019.
  • 2 Tiny Phasers removed and 6 Tiny Cannons changed to 4 Small Cannons in version .69a2.
  • Disabled in an unknown version (before Halloween Event 2020) for a very very, small amount of time along with every other ship that starts with the letter A.


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