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The Avalon is a light, Spinal-focused Dreadnought.


The Avalon is a small but powerful Dreadnought that can fire a volley of Torpedoes. Its spinals are incredibly deadly if they connect, however they can be hard to hit against faster and/or smaller targets. The Avalon's total health is very low for its class and it has subpar maneuverability, making it easy to overwhelm this ship with another Dreadnought or even a strong Battleship such as the Nautilus.

It is one of the most popular choices for a siege ship, as its spinals provide an extremely long range and a high damage output. It can also somewhat function as a glass cannon support in PVP, however its low health for its class and poor maneuverability severely limits its potential in ship combat. This Dreadnought is also surprisingly effective at warding off small ships thanks to its multiple Heavy Point Defence Lasers and Heavy Flak Cannons.


The interior is small but detailed. The player enters through a teleporter at the rear of the ship into a square room inside the ship with a control seat in the rear, with screens surrounding it.


  • Extremely high hull damage output thanks to the torpedoes, making this ship incredibly effective against hulled ships.
  • Huge Torpedoes have a very high maximum range of 12,000 studs, giving this ship the ability to outrange Starbases (and most ships) by a wide margin.
  • Very good for pirating large miners and freighters (Prepavaca, Orca, E Class etc.) with its high hull damage.
  • Large cargo hold; especially efficient at looting Starbases right after a successful siege.
  • Good overall damage for a Dreadnought.
  • Moderately high alpha damage.
  • Despite being primarily a hull breaker, it still has very respectable shield damage.
  • Heavy Turrets have plenty of range and alpha.


  • Lowest total health of all dreadnoughts excluding the SR-71, which has absurdly low health.
  • Relies on its torpedoes for more than 1/2 of its total damage output; this, along with the fact that huge-sized torpedoes require a considerable amount of expertise to use effectively, means that inexperienced players will struggle to achieve the full potential of this ship.
  • Turning and acceleration are rather sluggish.
  • Is on the expensive side for a regular Dreadnought.


  • The Avalon can be used as a hull breaker to dive hulled ships. However, beware of the ship's low health, as it will not be able to resist damage for long if full diving into a Starbase and/or enemy fleet. Alternatively, you can try to place yourself out of reach, although hitting the torpedoes will become much harder at a longer range.
  • Point your ship towards the enemy; this ensures all weapons have a line of sight and can hit the target.
  • If you're participating in a siege, stay at a more distant range where your torpedoes will hit the Starbase but the base cannot fire back at you. If someone is tanking the base, you can warp in and use your turrets for extra damage.
  • Pay attention and check the Minimap often to make sure you're not about to be targeted. Your relatively low health means you must always avoid damage.
  • Act as an extra pile of guns and not a flagship. The Avalon can do a lot of damage, but being targeted greatly increases your chances of being destroyed.
  • Encourage your team to bring more Avalons or other ships with torpedoes and at least one support ship for smaller enemies. A torpedo siege is a very effective and straight-forward way to destroy a starbase. If anybody in a large ship tries to defend the base, the siege ships can rip them apart while the support ship takes care of any smaller enemies. In the case of the Avalon, it can also perform somewhat as a support ship due to its multiple AA- turrets.

Version History

  • Remodeled in an unknown version.
  • Received a massive buff that increased its Hull and Shield health as well as increasing the turn speed.
  • Buffed in version .66b - received 2 Point Defense Lasers, turn rate increased from 0.04 to 0.09, Shield increased from 3200 to 4500, Hull increased from 3200 to 4000
  • "Playstyle" changed in version .66b - Shields reduced from 4500 to 3250, Hull reduced from 4000 to 3500, received a new turret/medium flaks switched for a different Turret.
  • Remodeled in version .66n
  • 9 Huge Cannons downsized to Large Cannons in version .69a1.
  • Hull increased from 3500 to 5250, Shield increased from 3250 to 4250, Cargo Hold Increased 300 from 375, Acceleration/Turn Speed increased from 5/0.10 to 9/0.13; spinals removed, replaced with four medium torpedoes; Turret Loadout changed: 2 Heavy Flak Cannons, 1 Heavy LR Laser, 1 Heavy Point Defence Laser, 2 Capital Lasers replaced with 1 Heavy Railgun, 5 Triple Heavy Cannons, 1 Heavy LR Laser; Explosion Size increased. All in version .72d4.
  • Topside Triple Heavy Cannon downgraded to Dual Medium Cannon, spinal arrangement changed to a "shotgun" pattern in version .72d4.
  • Torpedo count reduced from 4 to 3, pattern changed from shotgun in version .72d4.
  • Cargo Hold increased from 375 to 800 in version .72d4.
  • Price increased in version .72e1
  • Explosion Size 230 ----> 580 .75a12
  • 4x Triple Heavy Cannon ----> 4x Heavy Flak Cannon 1x Heavy Railgun ----> Heavy Point Defence Laser 1x Heavy LR Laser ----> Heavy Point Defence Laser 1x Dual Medium Cannon ----> Heavy Point Defence Laser 3 Large Torpedo ----> 3 Huge Torpedo Shield 4750 ----> 4000 Hull 5250 ----> 4000 Torp interval ----> 1.25 .75a20


  • The ship's name was recommended by 11_43x23mm.
  • The Avalon went trough various spinal loadouts all varying between torpedoes and cannons. It originally had 6 small torpedoes and at one point had 9 huge cannons.
  • The original model was based on the Warlock-class destroyer from Babylon 5.
  • Its previous model was often compared to a swordfish.
  • Its back and interior resemble the Hasatan.
  • On the left side upper plate on the frontal area of the ship is written "BIG SHOT", mainly as a joke to try to intimidate the enemy.
Old Avalon Model.