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The Avalon is a light, Spinal-focused Dreadnought.


The Avalon is a small but powerful Dreadnought that can fire a volley of Torpedoes. Its spinal and turret damage is insanely high if all of them land a hit, but they can be hard to aim. The Avalon's total health is somewhat lower for its class, making this ship vulnerable and an easy kill for smaller, faster ships.


The interior is small but detailed. The player enters through a teleporter at the rear of the ship into a square room inside the ship with a control seat in the rear, with screens surrounding it.


  • Very high Hull damage output, making this ship even better than the Ridgebreaker at taking down hulled or weakened Capital Ships.
  • Small for a Dreadnought.
  • Has Medium Torpedoes, which allow it to just out-range Starbases if attempting a torpedo siege as well as providing a great amount of hull and shield DPS.
  • Very good for pirating large miners and freighters (Prepavaca, Orca, E Class etc) with its high hull damage


  • Fails to destroy defended Starbases or Ships without support.
  • Tied with the Andromeda for the lowest total health of all Dreadnoughts.
  • Very inaccurate Turrets, making it hard to hit anything with the Heavy Cannons and LR Laser.
  • Expensive for a dreadnought due to the large amount of Cargo Hold
  • Turning may be rather sluggish
  • Inexperienced players will have a difficult time aiming the Torpedoes.


  • The Avalon should be used as a hull breaker to dive hulled ships. Due to docking mechanics, you won't have a hard time hitting your torpedoes.
  • Keep your eyes on the map. A swarm of Battlecruisers or a fast Battleship could end you.
  • The element of surprise is crucial if you want to survive in battle. Warp in and fire your Spinals, then Warp out before they react.
  • Make sure the ship faces upwards so Turrets and Spinals can hit.
  • If you're participating in a Siege, stay around 10000 studs from the base. That way, your Torpedoes will still chip away at a Starbase and its Shields or rip apart Hull unhindered by most Turrets.
  • Stay on your toes and keep moving at all times to reduce the likelihood of incoming damage.

Version History

  • Remodeled in an unknown version.
  • Received a massive buff that increased its Hull and Shield health as well as increasing the turn speed.
  • Buffed in version .66b - received 2 Point Defense Lasers, turn rate increased from 0.04 to 0.09, Shield increased from 3200 to 4500, Hull increased from 3200 to 4000
  • "Playstyle" changed in version .66b - Shields reduced from 4500 to 3250, Hull reduced from 4000 to 3500, received a new turret/medium flaks switched for a different Turret.
  • Remodeled in version .66n
  • 9 Huge Cannons downsized to Large Cannons in version .69a1.
  • Hull increased from 3500 to 5250, Shield increased from 3250 to 4250, Cargo Hold Increased 300 from 375, Acceleration/Turn Speed increased from 5/0.10 to 9/0.13; spinals removed, replaced with four medium torpedos; Turret Loadout changed: 2 Heavy Flak Cannons, 1 Heavy LR Laser, 1 Heavy Point Defence Laser, 2 Capital Lasers replaced with 1 Heavy Railgun, 5 Triple Heavy Cannons, 1 Heavy LR Laser; Explosion Size increased. All in version .72d4.
  • Topside Triple Heavy Cannon downgraded to Dual Medium Cannon, spinal arrangement changed to a "shotgun" pattern in version .72d4.
  • Torpedo count reduced from 4 to 3, pattern changed from shotgun in version .72d4.
  • Cargo Hold increased from 375 to 800 in version .72d4.
  • Price increased in version .72e1


  • The name was recommended by 11_43x23mm.
  • There is a cool-looking Avalon mouse pad for sale on the Galaxy Store.
  • Used to have six small torpedoes, then buffed to have four large, then buffed with nine huge cannons, and then finally nerfed to 9 large cannons.
  • The original model was based on the Warlock class Destroyer from Babylon 5.
  • The dread icon is rather large for the size of the ship.
  • Its previous model was often compared to a swordfish.
  • Its back and interior resemble the Hasatan.
  • The left side plate in front of the central cannon says "BIG SHOT". Mainly as a joke to try and intimidate the enemy.
  • The old model slightly resembles a megashark gun from terraria
  • If you try to say its name in chat Roblox will censor it.
  • However, saying Ava (A nickname for Avalon), won't be censored.
  • As a result of Roblox censoring the actual name, the gamepass in Galaxy Arcade says Ava lon instead of Avalon.
  • With the new Avalon buff its health pool is high and its now more siege-oriented than PVP
Old Avalon Model.