Avellian Stronghold

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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.


Avellian Stronghold-icon.png

The Avellian Starbase (also known as the Stronghold) is a randomly spawning alien starbase added during the Christmas 2021 event. The base has 22,500 Shield and 27,500 Hull, and is protected by periodically respawning Alien ODP (Orbital Defense Platforms) and has heavy defenses. Its range is approximately 7,200 studs, and has an unconfirmed DPS of 990. Many details are unknown of this object, but is confirmed to drop Blueprints when destroyed (along with other materials). When destroyed, it will explode, dealing damage to anything within an approximate 20k radius, the equivalent of the Mothership's explosion. This nuke is powerful enough to destroy battleships, and is more than capable of bringing a full health Prometheus to less than 5k HP left.


  • Use AA ships (Slipstream is recommended due to its tank) to kill the ODPs
  • The Stronghold has a large blindspot below where there is little firepower. Players can exploit it by bringing a high HP ship such as a Prometheus, Hailstorm or Halkaryak.
  • Torpedoes are very effective against the Stronghold as they allow the player to avoid the high DPS from the Stronghold's armament (AA ships are still required to kill the aliens and ODPs, unless the player is able to tank all of them)
  • Due to the Stronghold's relatively low range and massive blindspots, a Judgement can theoretically solo it, if the ODPs are cleared out and any aliens that attack the Judgement are destroyed
  • When the Avellian Stronghold starts dying, warp at least 26k studs away from it. Underestimating the nuke of the Stronghold has claimed the ships of many, so try not to make the same mistake.


The Stronghold drops the following loot:

  • 350 Snowflakes
  • 1 Blueprint A (Removed temporarily)
  • 1 Blueprint B
  • 50 Plasma Batteries

The Alien ODP drops the following loot:

  • 1 Snowflake
  • 5 Armor Scraps

The Alien H-ODP (Stronger ODP) drops the following loot:

  • 11 Snowflakes
  • 5 Armor Scraps


  • The explosion radius upon destruction of the Avellian Stronghold is estimated to be at, or in excess of 20,000 studs.
  • Avellian Stronghold nukes have claimed the ships of many, including TailsGamerTY's Lucifer.
  • A Wasp can fit inside of the docking ports and can reach the invisible barrier. This usually won't help keep turrets from attacking other ships in a siege, but it can attract aliens from attacking other things, as the stronghold can't hit you from inside.
  • It is possible to get inside of the stronghold itself through one of the docking ports, which isn't completely blocked by the invisible barrier. It is also possible to warp inside of it with a small ship such as a Draco.