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Community Incident

This event is the result of a potentially controversial incident within the Galaxy community. When adding information to this page please write from an unbiased, third-person perspective; and only include factual information.

2 days after the demotion of Galaxy Developer Sugondese, the event known as the #BRINGBACKSUGON2021 Incident occurred.


Prior to a dev reform in the Galaxy Discord, developers could get banned from the Galaxy Discord for breaking rules. When this happened developers still had their ability to make updates, and used discord webhooks in select channels to announce them. However, as this system was phased out in favor for developers not being able to be banned unless its serious, the webhooks were not deleted. So XxChaoticStrike used this as a means to wreak havoc as a prank, he was not a staff member but still had access to the webhooks which let him ping everyone.

The start of the incident was a message which was sent in #dev-announcements by a webhook disguised as Galaxy Administrator SmokeyJoe38 which pinged everyone, stated that he was a pedophile, and showed an image of Smokey saying he does not believe in numbers[1]. This was deleted not too long after, to which the same exact message was sent by the same exact webhook. Everyone in the discord server had been pinged twice and #general-discussion was starting to get flooded with people wondering about the pings. Screenshots of the webhook saying the message was being spammed. Staff started to tell the community that the accusations were fake and that SmokeyJoe38 is not a pedophile[2], with the message being resent by the webhook as a means to mock the staff[3]. The issue quickly went out of hand with the webhook constantly sending messages pinging everyone, with some of them including pornography or including racial slurs[4][5][6]. One of the messages that the webhook sent was impersonating the Admin Director Rocket_GotG and said "#BRINGBACKSUGON2021"[7]. Almost all of the messages the webhook sent included the phrase #BRINGBACKSUGON2021 so the incident was named after that. With almost half of the members in the Galaxy Discord active, people quickly started flooding channels with copypasta and pornography, with a lot of people trying to bypass the text filter bot to make the mod's overwhelmed[8][9], which ended up working. SmokeyJoe38 got on and got really angry, making messages saying that he'll torture those who are behind the incident. #general-discussion was eventually locked down, so most of the community members resorted to using the General Voice Channel in order to speak, this Voice Channel was very chaotic and had people screaming and using soundboards, with one user sharing their screen to reveal themselves watching hardcore pornography. Rocket_GotG eventually got on, so did rcouret. They deleted the webhooks and figured out that it was Chaotic's doing, whom was banned by SmokeyJoe38 almost instantly. Eventually #general-discussion was unlocked and things turned back to normal.


Image Album containing images of the incident:

Video showing a part of the incident (WARNING MIGHT HAVE NSFW CONTENT)