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The Bastion is a Battlecruiser with lots of Turret firepower and health.


The Bastion is a heavy Battlecruiser that focuses on Turret firepower. Its main body features two large protruding thrusters and an elevated cockpit area with a rounded window. This ship's relatively high turret count makes it effective against smaller ships up through ships of its own class.


Once entering the Bastion, you will enter a small room with no interior but a single seat.


  • Variety of Turrets.
  • No blind spots.
  • Very high health.
  • Large cargo hold for a Battlecruiser.
  • Good for destroying small Ships.
  • Great for beginners. As it's cheap for in cost, and teaches the basics of capital Ships.
  • The Heavy Railgun can shoot at a long range (and has 8000 range), making this ship an exceptional siege weapon.


  • Below average speed.
  • No Spinals.
  • Though not a blind spot, the bottom is poorly defended.
  • Out-gunned by the Hyron and (arguably) the Mjolnheimr; the Bastion has a very weak weapon armament, being worse than several Frigates thanks to the lack of spinals.
  • Due to the way the ship is shaped you have to turn it to get it out of dock which can give time to enemy Ships to do damage.


  • Performs well as a support ship in sieges as it has many small Turrets to destroy incoming small Ships.
  • Best used for attacking Ships below its size, as it has trouble with Ships of same class due to its inferior mobility causing it to be unable to escape easily.
  • Against Battlecruisers, exploiting blind spots is your best bet against them.
  • A great ship to bring to a siege as its Medium Railgun can shoot the base from a distance, then your small turrets and Point Defence Lasers can work on shredding defending ships such as Furies.

Version History

  • In a older version it used to have a massive explosion upon death, which heavily damaged nearby Ships and destroyed base Turrets. This has since been fixed.
  • Buffed in .64d to gain another Medium Laser and 100 more health in each stat.
  • Medium Lasers replaced with Point Defense Laser and Long Range Laser in version .66b
  • 1 Long Range Laser replaced with 1 Point Defense Laser in version .69e due to the Long Range Laser's removal from the game.
  • 2 Point Defense Lasers changed to 2 Dual Medium Lasers and 1 Medium Railgun changed to 1 Heavy Railgun in version .73c10.


  • Named after a defensive architectural design built into medieval European castles. A Bastion protruded from a castle's walls, allowing defenders to attack from all angles.
  • The Bastion was one of the most used ships in Galaxy Arcade before it received a gamepass in version .69d1
  • The original Bastion model had an easter egg that includes a Gnome on a desk with a few pieces of blank paper.
  • For a period of time the Bastion could not move or dock. The whole situation started with the gnome's hat falling off and preventing the ship from moving.
  • The right console on the original model had some memes like the illuminati triangle on it.