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The Belvat is a shuttle-like Battlecruiser with a Torpedo.


Despite it having a Torpedo, the Belvat is not well suited for sieges. Instead, it is a PvP ship focused on Spinal weapons. It also has unique bottom-mounted Turrets on its wings. The Belvat is a good hit and run ship against enemy Battleships, Miners, some Dreadnoughts, and Freighters.


The Belvat's interior consists of a simple hallway behind the cockpit that acts as a teleporter and the cockpit itself. Inside the cockpit is a small neon display and a decorated pilot's seat.



  • Easily countered by itself with another Battlecruiser.
  • Vulnerable topside.
  • If you approach from above, all the Turrets can hit, but it also gives enemy ships an advantage since the majority of their weapons can likely fire upwards and hit you.
  • Slow Torpedo, making it ineffective against small ships or anything moving too quickly.
  • Hard to aim Torpedoes.
  • Low health.


  • Some players prefer this over the Razor Wing due to it being less common and not well known. It can also support more roles than the Razor Wing. (i.e.: Siege)
  • Attack from above/below to try and get the jump on other Ships before they can realize where you are.
  • During a siege, use the Torpedo against static or slow targets, like bases and Dreadnoughts.

Version History

  • It used to use an odd wield script resulting in offset parts. It was later fixed in the Version .52 update.
  • Remodeled in the continuation of version .65b.
  • Phaser count reduced from 5 to 3, interval increased by .2 seconds in version .66b


  • Prior to version .69d1, it was one of the four Battlecruisers that did not require a gamepass to use in Galaxy Arcade.
  • Its current model resembles that of a Quinjet, a transportation jet used by the Avengers.
  • If you think about it, the Belvat is basically a very cheap Zhen.