Billy Ray Joe

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Billy Ray Joe is a quest NPC first implemented alongside Luca Sky in the Galaxy Star Wars Event to give players a promotional item quest. Template:Picture Infobox Mk II


Billy Ray Joe gives the player Quest #2 -- Going Nuclear, which requires the player to mine 20 Uranium Ore and dump it at Derelict Station. The quest would reward players credits and the Galactic Sun Hat upon completion. Refined Uranium will not work, it has to be mined uranium ore.

As of the latest version, completion of Quest #2 rewards players with 1,750 Credits.  


Billy Ray Joe can be found beside the update board and in front of the Alien Embassy in the Mega Base between terminals A and B.

Quest Dialogue

Billy Ray Joe: "Hey are you a miner?"

Player: "Sometimes..." or "No, not really."

Billy Ray Joe: "Well we have a big problem, the Derelict Station has a failing Nuclear Core and it needs Uranium to keep running."

Player: "Where am I supposed to get Uranium from?"

Billy Ray Joe: "The base was built near uranium asteroids, there still might be some nearby."

Player: "Ok I'll see if I can fine some Uranium." or "Sounds dangerous, count me out."

Billy Ray Joe: "Ok great, once you gather 20 Uranium Ore, dock at the Derelict Station and use the menu to dump the ore."

You have a new quest: Going Nuclear -- Quest #2 appears in Quest Menu

Note that all secondary options (those that come after "or") will end the quest dialogue at that point.