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The Blitz is a powerful Fighter found in the Borealis.


The Blitz is a Fighter that spawns exclusively on the Borealis.


The Blitz is a relative small and flat Fighter that has a spiky appearance, along with a large cannon on its side.


  • DPS of 38 and 50 combined can lead to a monstrous DPS of 1080 when all fighters are used.
  • High speed.
  • Can cripple Ships as large as Super Capital Ships with multiple Fighters alike.
  • Can drift at high speeds because of the 90% Drift Percentage for Fighter-class ships.


  • Low health.
  • Non-existent Damage Resistance of 0%.


  • This Fighter is best used in a swarm. Attack the enemy with high speed and with its high shield damage, a swarm will bring enemy ships to Hull quickly.
  • Use this ship in a fleet because its high firepower can tear down Capital Ships.
  • Utilize drifting and hit-and-run tactic to survive as long as possible while dealing the maximum amount of damage.
  • Avoid attacking any ship that can take down fighters easily, such as the Ampharos or the Mjolheimr.
  • Either keep your distance from your target at all times or make use of their blind spots.

Version History

  • Shields reduced from 150 to 140, Hull reduced from 200 to 175, Top Speed reduced from 210 to 200, 3 Small Phasers upsized to 2 Huge Phasers, 3 Small Cannons downsized to 3 Tiny Cannons and received a remodel in version .69e.
  • 2 Huge Phasers downsized to 3 Medium Phasers in an unknown version.
  • Interval for both spinals decreased (0.1 -> 0) Health increased (250/250 -> 300/300) Explosion radius increased (1 -> 40) .75a12
  • Spinals nerfed and Blitz count increased from 6 to 12 in its Carrier the Borealis in version .75a37.


  • Added in version .61h
  • Added along with the Borealis as its Fighters.
  • Previously the only fighter to have Huge Phasers.
  • Looks somewhat similar to an old model of Lazarus.
  • Due to the fact that the Blitz's model has almost no collision, it is possible for the player to fly into the interiors of Starbases or even other Carriers, however doing this with the intention of destroying said Starbase or Carrier is a bannable offense.