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Not to be confused with Score.


Bounty is a mechanic similar to Score that is purely based on the amount and types of ships you destroy. Bounty is earned by destroying other player's ships. (Not including the Wasp or Wyrm). The amount of Bounty awarded per ship destroyed appears to be a function of the cost of the destroyed ship. Bounty is lost if your own ship is destroyed, and many players find it difficult to get Bounty and keep it. If a starbase (or a NPC ship) destroys your ship, you will keep your bounty. Not having Bounty doesn't make you a bad or inexperienced player, as many very strong and experienced players simply don't actively hunt for it. If you kill players that have Bounty, you won't be given Bounty but instead will take their Bounty as credits. The record for the highest bounty ever is Speci1374 (Previously known as Axxuri) with more than 13 Million. Speci1374 no longer has that because rcouret reset everyone's bounty in late August 2020. As of the current version, the rate of bounty to material values of ship is 1:5. 1 bounty for every 5 material cost credit.

Gaining Bounty

To gain Bounty, you must destroy a ship owned by a player with no Bounty. Destroying Miners or a Freighters is the best way to do this. Many players do this through a method called Pirating.

Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunters are players who hunt other players for their bounty (hence the name). Bounty hunters are sometimes confused with Pirates due to the fact that they may kill anybody else with a good enough bounty. Another reason why bounty hunters are also seen as pirates is their ship choice. Many bounty hunters will use small fast ships that holds a variety of guns to take down the ships quickly without having the reinforcements arrive before the ship is destroyed. Pirate ship choices are very similar to bounty hunter ship choices. Ships like these include the Gideon, Cobra, and the Sixfold. Bounty hunters typically have large amounts of bounty themselves and many are skilled pilots.

Top 10 Bounty Leaderboard
Rank Player Bounty
1 ?????? ??????
2 ?????? ??????
3 ?????? ??????
4 ?????? ??????
5 ?????? ??????
6 ?????? ??????
7 ?????? ??????
8 ?????? ??????
9 ?????? ??????
10 ?????? ??????

As of 2/21/2019 this list is no longer being updated regularly by wiki staff.

-- Around early 2019, MasterPlural's bounty record was broken by Axxuri (now known as Speci1374), Speci1374 is now nearing double MasterPlural's record, SMASHING it.

-- Around late August 2020, everyone's bounty was reset, making Speci1374 (formerly known as Axxuri) the record holder for highest bounty loss ever at over 13M Bounty.