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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Brawler is a Kneall Battleship from the 2nd Part of the Halloween Event 2021.


The Brawler is a small battleship that functions similarly to its dreadnought counterpart, the Obliterator. As such, it is equipped with Kneall weaponry.


The interior is a simple, a cone-like room with a seat. It has barely enough space for the player.


  • High shields for a ship of its class.
  • Small profile and high speed.
  • Balanced firepower.
  • Turrets have high damage and are fast firing.


  • Expensive, also required an Alien Device (unobtainable through normal means during its event).
  • Low hull health.
  • Will be hunted due to being a limited ship.
  • Long spinal interval.
  • When running teleporter is hard to reach due to extremely small interior


  • Use this ship in battleship-to-battleship combat. Its small size and speed should help you avoid enemy fire, while you rip them apart with your rapid firing weaponry and spinals.
  • Make sure to retreat before your enemy can get you down to your hull.

Version History

  • Added in Part 2 of Halloween 2021.
  • Spinals upscaled from Medium Cannons and Phasers to Large Cannons and Phasers in an unknown version.
  • Explosion size 200 ----> 490 .75a12
  • Name changed Bioicle -> Brawler .75a37


  • Dubbed the "Mini Obliterator" by players, due to its appearance being similar.
  • One of the few playable ships of 100% Kneall design in-game, the others being the Prototype X-2 and the Obliterator.
  • This ship had a somewhat unreasonable cost, since alien devices were unobtainable during the event unless you already had one or the materials for one.