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The Build Menu (BM) is one of Galaxy's core functions, thats purpose is to act as a menu for building most of the ships in the game, other than Quests.


The Build Menu.

The Build Menu is an interface that lists every ship that is able to be built under a list of ship types and sorts these ship types from the topmost being the weakest ship types, such as economical ship types and Frigates, to the strongest ship type available on the bottom, which are Super Capital Ships. Inside one of every ship type boxes are the listed ships that are available to build from that ship type.

Once you click on a ship, it will show you most of its stats, its description, and how much materials it needs to be built.

Build and Material costs of ships are sorted from the cheapest ships being on-top of the list, and the most expensive ships of a ship type being on the bottom of the list.

Limited Ships

Limited Ships are a special type of ships that are usually much more powerful, expensive and rare and are usually acquired from Quests in Events, but many Limited Ships are also able to be built, both in the Build Menu, and the Limited Build Menu.

The Limited Build menu is a special menu where only Limited Ships can be built, and is found near the bottom under the Super Capital Ship type box.

The difference of Limited Ships in the Build Menu and the Limited Build Menu is that limited ships built in the regular Build Menu do not require a Permit, and are usually only there during an ongoing event related to the ship that is present there. While limited ships in the Limited Build Menu always require a permit to be built, and the ships listed inside it can be built even outside their respective events.

The Limited Build Menu.
Limited Ship boxes are orange colored instead of a white box.