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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The C Class is a Freighter which was going to be awarded to first and second-place winners of the Galaxy Tournament.


The C Class is a large Freighter that resembles an old model of the E Class. It is also the largest Freighter in the game with 2.5x the cargo hold of the E Class while also boasting a bit over 3x the E Class's speed. On top of it all, the C Class is also one of the few Freighters to be armed. This ship was going to be awarded to first and second-place winners of the Galaxy Tournament, however after being inactive for the longest time, it was finally announced that the Tournament was being discontinued. The C Class and Lykos will never be distributed or even added to the game.




  • Very high speed, even though the ship is massive and bulky.
  • Very high health.
  • Has turrets.
  • Has the largest cargo hold in the game, beating the E Class by 15,000 Cargo Hold.
  • Turrets have 1 second reload and 100~ damage per shot making it great against small ships.
  • The Best Freighter in the game.
  • The ship's incredible damage output can scare off anyone expecting an easy fight, though it will not deter all players.


  • Limited classification means that if you lose this, you cannot get it back unless there is a refundable issue.
  • Vulnerable when using this ship alone.
  • Pirates consider this ship their ultimate target even if it's fast, defensive and has more health since this ship is very rare to see.
  • The player must win the Galaxy Tournament in order to get this ship.
  • Can break Economy after a few trades, limiting its effective usage.
  • Easy to get caught on asteroids due to its size.


  • Don't use this for Trading during war, unless you are confident you will not die as you will be targeted.
  • Treat this ship like it's a trophy.

Version History

  • Removed in version .69a2, due to the cancellation of the tournament.


  • The C Class resembles the E Class's old model; players refer to this model as a "Toilet Brush".
  • A player can make a profit of 100,000 - 125,000 Credits with the C Class's full cargo hold.
  • This ship is the only armed Freighters in the game; The Constellation, and the Patriotic Hercules used to have turrets but are currently unarmed.
  • The C Class stands for Commercial Class, a fitting name for this ship.
  • Due to the recent cancellation of the Galaxy Tournament, this and the Lykos will never be added to the game, let alone be distributed.