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Bosses are a special type of AI Ships which are much more powerful than regular NPC ships, and give greater rewards for destroying.

Bosses, when they spawn, have a banner announcing that they have arrived. (Punisher is an exception)


  • All Bosses have the same behavioral pattern which is explained in detail in the page AI, though many bosses need different strategies even with the same AI used.
  • All Bosses can call all enemy ships that are affiliated with the boss's faction to their aid.


Note that this section is for strategies applied to all bosses, but you may still need to check the strategy section of certain bosses found in their respective pages.


Bosses can be baited by warping to their attention range (14k Studs), getting their attention, then warping back to your strongest starbase, so that the starbase can gun it down.

Surviving dangerous situations with bosses

If you're fighting against a powerful boss and you're losing with your ship at a risk of destruction:

First, don't panic. What you want to do is stay rational, as panicking can risk your ship getting destroyed. Second, warp 10k away from the boss and maintain the distance. At that range, NPCs can't hit you and they won't dive you. After you have done these steps what you can do next is listed below:

  • If you're in a public server, you can call for help and wait for other players to gun down the boss. (This is risky if you're at war).
  • If you're in a private server, first option is to shut down your server, second option is to warp back to your strongest Planet/Starbase, then try to hide behind your base until your warp is ready, then warp 10k again.


The information whether the bosses listed currently spawn or not can be checked in their respective faction pages and their spawn time can be checked in this page or their respective faction pages too.