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The Fourth of July Event 2020 is a continuation of the trend set by the previous two events. Unlike most events, this event saw the reintroduction of previously-available event ships such as the Patriotic Viper (Viper), Patriotic Rorqual (Rorqual), and United States of Razor (Razor Wing). On the second day of the event, developers released a new limited Dreadnought, the Liberator, into the limited ship build menu. On the third day of the event, developers released the Freedom Galaxy (Galaxy) as a quest ship, which had been teased by the newly added Eagle NPC since the event started. This event also saw a limited reskin of the Mega Base. This event ran from July 4th, 2020 to July 9th, 2020.


  • Update Log Description: Celebrate the United States' independence with three returning ships from previous events! A shrine to the Eagle has been created in the Mega Base, maybe it knows something...
    This event will last for three days
  • Unlike the previous Fourth of July events, this event saw the introduction of a completely unique ship, the Liberator and Freedom Galaxy rather than only introducing reskins of existing ships.
  • The total cost to obtain the ships at the time of the event was 3,710,347 credits
  • On the 9th the admins were told to enter and shut down the servers; they shut down a UCU server and others but were unable to get them all. On the 15th the last server, controlled by Blackhawks, was shut down by Roblox for their weekly update.

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