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Ships are the basis of the game. They are used for everything in the game, from transportation and mining to combat and base sieges. They are divided into classes based on their statistics and purpose. The majority of the ships are equipped with a Warp Drive, which allows the ship to travel extremely fast. See Galaxy Slang for unofficial classification based off of roles that ships play.

All Fighter Class ships have no Warp Drive.

When Weaponry is mentioned, the terms light, medium, and heavy have nothing to do with the types of Turrets. They are used to describe the power of the Turrets. (I.E. A Medium Laser does more damage than a Light Laser). Ships may also be equipped with Spinal weaponry, which is controlled manually. Spinals vary in size from tiny to huge and can appear as three different types.

As of .61h, Loyalty determines the types of ships you can spawn. Keep in mind that these ships also require a certain level of Starbase for them to be spawned.

Frigate Class

Frigate-Class ships are the lowest priced combat capable ships available and thus are good starter ships.

Frigate-Class ships are small, extremely fast, and highly maneuverable. They mainly have very light weaponry, very low health, and all have only 2 Turrets (except for the osprey) or less. All Frigate Class ships come equipped with Spinal weaponry. In general, frigates will have around 400-600 HP total.

These ships are mostly used for distracting base Turrets in a siege and not much else due to the low amount of firepower they possess.

There are currently 14 different Frigate-Class ships in Galaxy.

The standard size range for Frigates is 30 - 60 studs.


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