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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

Welcome to Halloween in Galaxy! >:)



The 2018 Halloween Event started on Friday, October 19th, and ran until Sunday, November 11th. Marked as version .65a, this update added several new ships, a secret Quest, a new event boss fight, and other general Halloween-themed changes to the game.

There were several ship reskins available during this event, including the Dragon (Draco), Green Snake (Cobra), Ghost (Spectre), Pirated Grievion (Grievion), Hallowlight (Hawklight), Skeletal Ghostealis (Borealis), and Cyber Leviathan (Leviathan). All of these ships required Space Pumpkins to create. There was also the Kapisi, which is a reskin of the Sakala that is given to any players who bought merch during the event.

This event also added Alien Harvest Servitors and the Harvest King, the latter of which is a boss ship more powerful than the Grim Reaper seen in the 2017 event. Both dropped the Space Pumpkins necessary to create Event Ships.

A new quest was also created during this event called Death Incarnate that would reward the players a Grim if they completed it.

The Mega Base also received a Halloween reskin similar to that of last year's.

Version History

  • Added in .65a.
  • Due to glitchers replicating Artifacts (and for whatever purposes the editor doesn't know of), the Grim Reaper (NPC) quest was disabled days before the Halloween Event 2018 ended on Sunday, November 11th instead of the previously planned end date, Monday, November 19th in .65a6.