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The 2020 Halloween Event started on October 15th and ran until November 22nd. Marked as version .69b1, Part 1 of the update added 4 new ships, a Halloween themed Mega Base model, the Necromancer boss, Alien Servs, Alien Scourges, Gamma Pumpkins and other hidden changes. Part 2 added The Rift and 2 new mini-bosses, Rift Guardians and Rift Custodians, as well as 4 new quest ships. Part 3 added 2 more new quest ships, the Blackgate and Incarnate.

There were 10 ships that were available during the event. All of the ships required Gamma Pumpkins to create them. However, only 4 of the 10 ships that include the Vampire X-R4, Dullahan (Banshee recolor), Jack-Al'-Lantern (Jackal recolor) and Jupiter (Zeus recolor) could be acquired in the ship building menu. The remaining 6 ships, the Black Scarab, Naga (Alien Scourge), Acolyte, Revenge, Incarnate, and the Blackgate were hard to acquire and could only be created through quests found inside the Rift, and required Void Pumpkins that were dropped by the Rift Guardians and Rift Custodians.

Part 1 Ships

Part 2 Ships

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Version History

  • Part 1 of the Halloween Event added in .69b1.
    • Mega Base Halloween-ified
    • Released 4 event ships.
    • Three new NPC ships have replaced the Kneall, including Necromancer, a boss ship
    • T̴̉̆H̴͋͐E̴͂̂ ̷̈́͠V̴̚ͅÖ̷́̆I̷̓̄D̴̃̚ ̸̊͘C̵͑̈́A̷͆̀L̵͐͠L̵͑̅S̴͂̂
    • Added Gamma Pumpkin.
    • Nerfed Gamma Pumpkin drop rates.
    • Necromancer loot adjustments.
    • Turret recolours.
    • Servs now use Plasma weapons instead of Lasers.
    • Switched Galaxy intro music to Halloween themed.
    • Necromancer health and DPS reduced.
    • Improved Necromancer AI.
    • Increased Necromancer loot.
      • No longer go out of bounds.
      • No longer attack safe dock ships.
      • No longer distracted.
      • Aliens are now sentient.
  • Part 2 of the Halloween Event add in .69b5?
    • Added The Rift.
    • Necromancer evolved.
    • Added 4 quest ships.
    • Added 2 new NPC ships.
    • New secrets that The Rift holds.

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